Why Does Your Knee Snap and Pop?

Knees which snap and pop will bring many patients in the door.  Some patients have painful popping or grinding of their knee and some simply have popping and snapping without pain.  Some of you might … continue reading

Knee Anatomy Video

  Knee Anatomy: The knee is a very complex structure.  This accounts for the reason why the knee can be injured easily, and why treatment of certain knee issues can be difficult. Not all knee … continue reading

What are some common causes of knee pain?

Common Knee Injuries Most patients with knee pain have a ligament sprain, a ligament tear, a cartilage defect, a meniscus or “cartilage” tear, loose bodies, or osteoarthritis.  There are many other less common causes of knee pain. Many … continue reading

What are some of the most common causes of knee pain in runners?

  Knee Pain in Runners:   As opposed to football, basketball or soccer players, runners often suffer from overuse knee injuries or repetitive stress injuries. These include stress fractures, stress reactions, tendonitis, meniscal tears, ITB Friction syndrome, and … continue reading

Do I Need Therapy or Rehabilitation Before Knee Surgery

Patients facing knee surgery — especially knee replacement surgery as well as surgery to reconstruct the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) will benefit from Prehabilitation. Prehabilitation involves getting your knee… and you ready for surgery.  The … continue reading

What is a meniscus and how does it tear?

The image at left reveals a normal meniscus sitting between the femur above and the tibia below. The meniscus is a C-shaped structure in your knee that is made of fibro-cartilage. It acts as a cushion for the knee when … continue reading

Do all meniscus tears require surgery?

Meniscus tears can be treated without surgery. Many degenerative or attritional tears can be managed non-operatively, and you can return to your “normal” lifestyle. After your tear occurs, your knee might be sore for a … continue reading

Can meniscal tears be “fixed”?

Repairability of Meniscal Tears: There are a number of variables which determine whether your tear is repairable or not.  Only a certain portion of the meniscus has an healing potential.  The orientation or type of … continue reading