The enormous amount of data coming at us on all fronts has far exceeded the cognitive capacity of most any normal person.  What to do?  Twitter and RSS readers are simply layering onto the significant amount of content we are already exposed to every day.  I do not want to shy away from this potentially beneficial content stream. I want to glance, tag, store and enable myself to be able to recall it later.

IFTTT stands for … IF This Then That. As this platform has matured, its ability to help us manage the information fire hose we drink from every day has improved as well.  I’m not quite sure that our information overload issue is anything more than a filter/recall failure.   Enter IFTTT, the potential “recipes” are nearly endless… and improving every day.

Here are a few that I have found to vastly improve my own content/tracking/recall related efficiencies.


Feedly to Evernote png

I would hope that most of you have an RSS feed.  If not I strongly suggest setting one up.  I personally use Feedly.  It displays the articles from all the magazines, journals and blogs I am subscribed to.  Feedly enables you to “tag” an article,  and to “save for later”.  This rule will automatically take any “saved for later” article, and the tags and send the article to Evernote for you to use at a later time.



Like most of us… you mind never stops running.  Ideas, concepts, presentations and thoughts are flooding your mind at the most unusual times.  What is your workflow?  For me, a simple text message to IFTTT and it automatically forwards the text message to a folder named “Ideas” in Evernote.  Wanna guess how large the folder is? 🙂


Tw Fav to EN png


As you’re filtering through your twitter feed, you are bound to come across tweets with interesting links, or perhaps someone has sent you a compliment, or another tidbit you desire to save.  Click on the little star below the tweet.  That adds the tweet to your favorite list.  Now IFTTT takes that one step further and sends it to an Evernote folder.   As you’ve noticed, Evernote is playing an ever  more important role in content management and in digital workflow efficiency far beyond simple content management.


This last rule in my content management IFTTT cascade automatically saves attachments which are opened in gmail to my default folder in Evernote.  Yes, you will need to open the default folder, edit and tag the attachment, but then it will be accessible to you — once again in Evernote.

Did I leave any cool content related IFTTT recipes out?

If so.. please speak up! 🙂