Health Care, Social Media: Operating Systems, Devices and Platforms… do they matter?

Author: Howard J. Luks, MD- Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media 7 Comments

Health Care and Social Media… a video blog 4 #hcsm beginners

Many physicians and other health care professionals are just starting to consider entering the intersection of health care and social media. Many will need guidance and support… and some will have some very basic questions which I hope this video addresses.   Your only choice you should need to make is whether to engage or not… you shouldn’t have to fuss over the plethora of social media platforms, aggregators, professional *tools* etc…

Keep It Simple.    Every ounce of your effort is worth it!!

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Transcript will be up when available….


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7 Responses to “Health Care, Social Media: Operating Systems, Devices and Platforms… do they matter?”

  1. Reply Dan Hinmon says:

    Great points, Howard. I like this idea of keeping it simple so we don’t scare new adopters away. Get them involved, and then let them branch out where their interests lead them. The more volume we build around the basic platforms — blogs, Facebook and Twitter — the more powerful and productive healthcare social media will be.

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Thanks Dan… Until we reach *critical mass* *we* need to keep it simple for the newcomers. Meanwhile I will continue to occasionally break out of the echo chamber to assist those who have moved on — all the while checking to be sure we leave no stragglers behind :-)
      thx again!

  2. Reply John La Puma MD says:

    I liked this, Dr. Luks: you speak with authority, and I like the encouragement and kindness: physicians do need to understand the power of social media (I think especially in public health and preventive medicine), and allowing people to dip their toes in the water without having to get too wet is an easy way to get started. Keep it up!
    n.b. I also like the detailed disclaimers on your site for your social media work: interesting in themselves.

  3. Reply Ryan Madanick, MD says:

    Thanks for doing this. As a newbie to the realm, I am still not sure exactly how my presence will develop. Your video is reassuring that I am at least going in the right direction until I figure out how my voice and online presence will be defined.

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