I wanted to reach out and thank the folks at Screwpile Communications for their mention and recognition of my online efforts. See Below.  Certainly these efforts and all the content that is present here, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and IG attracts interested people and patients from around the globe…. BUT … First and foremost my goal is to educate.  To level the playing field for those of you looking for actionable information that is easily digested and shared.

Having an online presence :

  • Humanizes my presence
  • Clears the windshield of doubt for many
  • Fosters my relevance in the online Ortho community
  • Educates nearly 125,000 people each week.

No one could possibly spend this much time working on their site and other social properties if the sole goal was to market their practice.  That’s why most hire a professional like Chuck at Screwpile or Matthew Scott at FEED.

Once again thank you Chuck.

Dr. Howard Luks

“Sports Medicine Just Got More Social” video.

You may recognize Dr. Luks name from when we previously featured his medical practice social media marketing in our spotlight series—and we’re pleased to report that he’s still maintaining the same high standard of inbound marketing from when we first featured his practice over a year ago.Take this video, for example. Not only is it an effective piece of content all on its own, it also demonstrates Dr. Luks’ commitment to reaching his sports medicine patients on a social level. With hashtags like #hometeam and #gameplan, Dr. Luks is taking even more steps to solidify his practice as a pioneer for bridging the gap between healthcare and social media. These doctors aren’t just marketers—they’re innovators.

Source: 4 Examples of Brilliant Medical Practice Marketing

Howard Luks MD from Howard Luks on Vimeo.