Medical Social Media — failures still litter the landscape

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It’s been a long 4 years plus that I’ve been wading through the waters of …

Medical Social Media…. 

I’ve worked hard to provide value and meaningful content to interested people (patients) from around the globe.  So far, so good… at least on my end — and hopefully on yours too!  

Many many more physicians and hospitals have jumped on the social media bandwagon over the last few years.  


  • Fear of missing out?
  • Wanting to catch the wave?
  • Anticipating an immediate rush of new patients?
  • Reputation management?

A glaring issue with many physicians and hospital who are rushing into a social media presence is the lack of proper offline preparation, and the lack of understanding about online engagement, and the  fundamentals surrounding outbound vs inbound marketing and its uses in the healthcare space.  

We all can’t have a Lee Aase, Chris Boyer, Nick Dawson , Ed Bennett or companies like Symplur * at our sides as we endeavor to craft our online presence.  But there are enough best practice examples out there (@seattlemamadoc and @doctornatasha ) — that with a little effort, and a bit of preparation — a firm digital presence, rooted in medical social media could be yours — and could potentially provide you with the ROI you are dreaming about.  Professional help is available too … 

Fact: Physicians need to be an active part of the online medical social media discussion — but for now our participation is minimal.   But this is changing… and thenI keep seeing tweets like this :-( … and know that we still have a long way to go! 


What not to do on Twitter



* – I am a principal at Symplur

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    [...] Dr. Luks writes a short, yet to the point post about the current state of Healthcare Social Media.  While the community continues to grow and expand, social media failures still litter the landscape.  Medical Social Media- failures still litter the landscape [...]

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