Physicians Should Be Part Of The Online Healthcare Discussions

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media, Tactial Social Media Guidance - Mar 25, 2012 11 Comments

The Risks of Not Participating in Healthcare and Social Media   The Internet has  forever changed the way our patients will approach healthcare.  Digital or social media is NOT a passing fad… get past that.   Widespread access to the Internet has opened doors to health information that previously was available only to physicians.  People all… Read More

Your Healthcare Social Media Digital Footprint: Part 1 – Why?

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media, Tactial Social Media Guidance - Dec 28, 2011 26 Comments

  Why doctors should establish a social media digital footprint in healthcare: Establishing a social media (digital) presence is rapidly becoming a necessity for healthcare professionals, medical practices, and institutions.  Many have recognized this fact… yet many more have not.  Doctors who recognize this need seek leadership, guidance, and best practice examples Truly useful tactical… Read More

Do Your Patients Speak “Doctor”?

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media, The Orthopedic Minute Video Blog - Aug 02, 2011 7 Comments

… then perhaps we shouldn’t either.        Healthcare and Social Media The Art of Communication Healthcare Literacy Do your patients speak “Doctor”?  If not, perhaps you shouldn’t either. Healthcare literacy is a tremendous issue physicians face when communicating with their patients. We certainly do not do our part to address nor diminish this… Read More

Healthcare and Social Media… the ROI is Real, but the *Message* Matters

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media - Jun 06, 2011 34 Comments

Warning… this is not going to be a mind blowing post … but this a message that bears repeating.  This is also a message that  should resonate loud and clear with providers, institutions or members of the healthcare enterprise world  who are ruminating over the upsides — and potential downsides of a wide reaching, multiple… Read More

Should Empowered Patients Be Considered *Experts*?

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media - Mar 21, 2011 13 Comments

Many empowered patients are *experts* in their own disease. Medicine is (too) slowly becoming more patient centric. The patient needs to be at the center of the health care equation. While physician experts clearly know more about when a procedure is indicated or how a procedure should be performed…. they do not know what the affect of… Read More

Health Care, Social Media: Operating Systems, Devices and Platforms… do they matter?

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media - Mar 07, 2011 7 Comments

Health Care and Social Media… a video blog 4 #hcsm beginners Many physicians and other health care professionals are just starting to consider entering the intersection of health care and social media. Many will need guidance and support… and some will have some very basic questions which I hope this video addresses.   Your only… Read More

Health Care Trends and the Orthopedic Industry

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media - Feb 27, 2011 6 Comments

The times they are a changin’… yes they are. Doctors, hospitals, payers, pharma, device manufacturers and the VC folks better be well versed in what’s will soon be showing at a theatre near you. In no particular order of importance. ACO: Accountable Care Organizations: Nobody actually knows what the final language shaping these potential monstrosities… Read More

In Health Care… Fear Sells

Posted in: Orthopedic Social Media, Sports Medicine - Feb 06, 2011 8 Comments

I have had the seeds for this blog post sewing for a while… then this post in the NY Times, by Virginia Heffernan cinched it…. and a new post was born. Every time I am asked to give a lecture on Social Media and Health Care or provide a guest post on the subject of… Read More