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Experience what it’s like to be treated as a person, and not an isolated MRI finding!

 Howard Luks MDWelcome, I’m Howard Luks,  a Board-Certified – Sports Medicine – Orthopedic Surgeon with offices in Westchester and Dutchess Counties.  At New York Medical College I am an Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery where I am entrusted with the training of the next generation of Orthopedic Surgeons.  At University Orthopedics, PC and Westchester Medical Center  I am privileged to serve as the Chief of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.  ,

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I live in Northern Westchester and I am a father to three wonderful children.  We enjoy being outside as often as possible … which has led to a few fractures in the Luks’ household.

Watching my children turn into little adults has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.

My other passion… treating patients with respect, and dignity, in a caring environment where you are encouraged and taught to learn as much about your disorder as you are willing to learn.


Many marketing/SEO experts claim that I should state :

I am the best Sports Medicine Orthopedist in Hawthorne and Fishkill, NY  — or Westchester and Dutchess Counties


That is not how this modest, humble Orthopedic Surgeon perceives how his office, his website and digital presence should be perceived.


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In the end… my presence online is to support the spread of meaningful, trustworthy, evidence based (when available), actionable information and guidance to patients and consumers from around the world.  I feel that physicians have a moral obligation to fill Google’s servers with quality content to drown out the commercialized nonsense that exists online today.

The information on this site is for the most part, evidence-based. That means that I spend an awful lot of time reading and incorporating into my practice the scientific literature regarding state of the art treatments for shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle disorders.  Unfortunately, not all recommendations can be evidenced based — simply because the evidence doesn’t exist.   When *eminence* based decisions are necessary I fall back on my 16 years of experience at a Level 1 trauma center and a tertiary referral center.

I want patients to understand that not all MRI findings require surgery … more often than not there are non-operative solutions and options which can return you to your desired level of activity. If surgery is necessary — I want this site provide patients with a wealth of information to supplement what I have told them in the office, so they can make an informed decision…. the essence of  shared decision making.

The Intersection of Healthcare and Social Media …

My Perspective

I believe a little professional etiquette can go a long way toward easing a patient’s fears and making health care  interactions more comfortable, and more useful.  Encouraging two way communication and including you in the decision making process is of paramount importance.   Patients are usually more comfortable when they’re better informed, and I believe it’s my duty to provide as much “evidence based” information as possible.  I hold a firm belief that you deserve a caring, polite, and respectful professional — and I’m committed to that.

I don’t “force” information on patients to heighten their awareness (or fear) of a disease or medical condition — quite the opposite. I am often asked to explain many of the finer points of various orthopedic issues, and I am asked to go into fairly significant detail — regardless of whether the news is good, bad, or indifferent.

A better educated patient will ultimately be a healthier patient. With most of the information we receive, we need to know the source and whether there’s an underlying bias, conflict or motive behind it. We need to vet the source, and decide whether following the advice or the opinions is in our best interest. That too is one of  the basic tenets of shared decision making.


Where I Work

I work primarily at Westchester Medical Center, the only Level I trauma center in the area.

Our helicopters bring patients in from 100′s of miles away for emergency treatment.

We are one of only a few hospitals in the region to routinely employ computer navigation on most joint replacements.

We are also a major referral center for complex trauma, multi-ligament knee reconstructions, complex shoulder fractures, revision knee and shoulder surgery, and other procedures.

For more routine outpatient (ambulatory) surgery, I also maintain privileges at the Fishkill Ambulatory Surgery Center, and I have privileges at  Phelps Memorial Hospital.



My Practice Focus

My practice focuses primarily on the treatment of Orthopedic disorders of the shoulder,elbowknee, and ankle.

As a Sports Medicine Orthopedist, I see many different patients in my office. From the little leaguers to Level A college ball players and the weekend warriors … you will all have my undivided attention and hopefully gain from my academic perspective, using the most relevant and timely evidence-based medicine.

I perform a significant number of complex as well as “routine” reconstructions of the knee, shoulder, and elbow. As an academic surgeon, I am frequently on the forefront of surgical procedures I can offer to my patients. I perform many advanced arthroscopic shoulder and knee reconstructions; I also perform computer-navigated,  “minimally invasive” knee replacements and a number of cartilage regeneration or replacement procedures each year.

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What Others Are Saying…

Howard Luks MD Reviews

~I am a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons,

~The Arthroscopy Association of North America,

~and the Westchester Medical Society.

I was recognized by US News and World Reports as one of the Top Sports Medicine Doctors in the United States.

I have repeatedly been recognized by New York Magazine and Castle and Connolly as one of the “Best Sports Medicine Docs in New York and Westchester County, NY”