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Marketing and strategic planners in healthcare organizations, pharma, and medical device companies as well as medical practices across the globe are wrestling the concept of crafting a presence on the stage of healthcare and social media.  There are many self-professed experts out there… With careful planning you can identify those of us with the credibility and experience of creatively, constructively and successfully executing social media strategies in healthcare.

Social Media Strategies For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare technology and socially rooted platforms are not about replacing physicians  … instead, we must remember, change brings opportunity — and we must use these troubling times to scale great physician thought leaders.  Leaders who clearly understand how to position themselves and their organizations and how to most efficiently and effectively utilize these platforms — Credible leaders in the healthcare social media space should be  capable of clearly articulating the value of certain technology alignment strategies and  how a deep social media presence in healthcare can humanize your organization and foster your relevance.

Howard Luks, MD (@hjluks) , recognized by US News and World Report as one of America’s Top Sports Medicine  Surgeons, is an Orthopedic Surgeon who practices in both Westchester and Dutchess Counties in New York.  As an early adopter of Twitter, Howard Luks MD also runs a blog, a Facebook Page, a YouTube channel and a personal site to educate, interact and engage his patients.

Thanks to his ever increasing social capital and proven ability to reach a global healthcare audience, Howard Luks MD serves as a Strategic Advisor to many mobile health care start-ups and Venture Capital firms with strong health care related portfolio companies. With improved visibility and online credibility, Dr. Luks is actively utilized to engage his colleagues to join him in participating in the Health 2.0 movement, content creation, outbound marketing strategies and strategic content management.

His overall passion in all things mobile, digital, social and its intersection with medicine finds him frequently invited to speak on these topics as they relate to health care access, online content quality, patient experience improvements, medicine decision making, HIT, Pharma outreach strategies and how technology can be effectively leveraged to improve the patient-physician relationship.

How Can We Assist You Achieve Your Digital Media Goals?.

What others are saying … :

“Howard has that rare combination of professional skill and medical proficiency plus a truly creative mind exploring and probing for solutions to change the nature of health care delivery and utilize all of the tools now rapidly derveloping in the tech space. He resides in the present but is setting the pace for a more profound future.” September 8, 2011

 Gerald Levin,  CEO- Time Warner

Howard is an unique physician who has strong strategic sense and business savvy. He has provided considerable value to our deliberations over the market opportunity for health care focused technologies. He knows the landscape of new clinical and administrative software and devices inside out – and brings the sensibilities of the end user (physicians, practices, hospitals, etc) to the conversation. Even better, when he finds opportunities that meet his screens, he can open some very hard to reach doors for these early stage companies. 

Robert Coppedge, Vice President, Business and Corporate Development at Cambia Health Solutions


Dr. Luks writes:

Whilst humans are innately social, and health at its best is social, at present healthcare simply does not manifest enough of the attributes we associate with being social to merit the name. This anomaly is what drives my passion. I stepped into the intersection of health care and Social Media  long before the pavement was dry with a personal goal to leverage technology in order to unlock the unparalleled potential of the Internet to facilitate access to high quality healthcare information and resources.

I have a commitment to driving clarity in communications, and a desire to be part of the creation of a healthcare system that delivers a level playing field for all, where access to information and data as well as the ability to co-operate and collaborate is made as seamless and simple as it can be.

These are the principles that drive me, and the ambitions that I have dedicated myself to so that I may help healthcare professional peers realize their potential for the sake of their patients through the creation, implementation, management and maintenance of optimized presences across the Social Web.

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Howard Luks MD Social Media Consultant


(908) 4HJ-LUKS  : (908) 445-5857





Symplur, LLC

Chief of Sports Medicine


Chief Medical Officer



External Board Member:

Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

Board Advisor: Orca Health

Advisor: Twistle

Advisor: Doximity 

Founding Advisor: VoiceHIT

Advisor: Clear.md

Advisor: Avado

Advisor: Enhatch

Advisor: Faultline Ventures

Advisor: eMAX Health Systems

Advisor: Healthcare IT Strategy