Howard Luks MDThe next wave in the history and development of our healthcare system will include a far more knowledgeable and empowered patient population — patients who insist on a significant degree of transparency (medical errors), results reporting (quality), a sharper focus on cost, and (perhaps most important) patient satisfaction.

Many websites are now tabulating data on physicians for presentation to the public. They also ask the public to rank physicians based on a number of variables.  These sites include Vitals, and Healthgrades. The downside of these sites is their obvious commercial slant and the fact that the physician or hospital does not have a means to reply to the testimonial.  It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

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  1. Reply Sarah Schmidt says:

    Hi Dr. Luks, I am a 65 yr. old female. I’ve been losing weight, but have had alot of wear and tear on these old knees. Have been to a chiropractic since my hip has been giving me problems. I stepped up and my knee went south with much pain. Went for MRI…found multidirectional tear of the central posterior horn of the medial meniscus…2mm….subtle free edge tear anterior horn of the lateral meniscus and patellofemoral arthrosis with severe loss of articular cartilage along the lateral facet/apex of the patella…..it feels better after 2 weeks in my knee support, but I will be starting physical therapy on fri. Ok, my question is, does it sound like surgery to repair the meniscus will help the knee since there is loss of cartilage? P.S. all the ligaments are unremarkable. Also, I’m a take charge person and will do what it takes without surgery to make it better

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Sarah… The tear doesn’t sound very “impressive”. In addition, any knee with a small meniscus tear and arthritis should be treated as conservatively as possible. You are already improving… doesn’t hurt to wait and see if it continues to improve.
      Good Luck
      Howard Luks

  2. Reply Jeremy Gordon says:

    Dr. Lurks

    I was playing basketball back in the first week of november and came down on my knee on a layup. i had extreme pain first two days then over next 4-6 weeks pain got better. I still experience pain now. I went to get a MRI and a orthopedic told me i needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus. MRI shows theres no fractures. it does show there is a complex tear of the lateral meniscus with displaced meniscal tissue. Do you think I need surgery or is there any recommended alternatives to getting back to better health so I can participate in contact sports and cardio workouts?

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Jeremy… displaced flap tears tend to be very “unstable” and cause pain with sports, and even walking, pivoting and twisting. Most people with flap tear will eventually chose to have an arthroscopy… but it’s a choice that you and your surgeon should make together.
      Good Luck
      Howard Luks

  3. Reply Rivera says:

    Good Afternoon Dr Luk,

    I had fell at work on and dislocated my shoulder, I have had two surgeries. My 1st surgery was 4/23/13 Procedure done was Arthroscopic Labral Repair with Arthroscopic Capsulorrhapy/Capsular Plication. On 11/12/13 Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression & Manipulation Under Anesthesia (Global). It’s now January 15th and I am feeling tightness again and still unable to get ROM to my arm. I was thinking Yoga? Some Helpful hints would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Praying for the best

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Sorry Rivera.. That is one of the risks of surgery to plicate the capsule. Hopefully yoga and stretching get you back to where you desire to be… otherwise a second opinion might be in order.
      Howard Luks

  4. Reply Name Dean Keppler says:

    Dr. Luks:

    I was recently diagnosed with a left knee focal peripheral tear involving the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and stumbled across your video. I’m not sure how it happened, but I have gained a significant amount of weight over the last 6 months. Despite the weight gain, I’ve been a fairly active participant on the treadmill up until the injury. After a recent MRI, I was scheduled for surgery but have not yet gone through with it. I’ve read some mixed things about its success rate and whether this type of meniscus injury could, in fact, heal it self in 6-7 weeks of time. The pain is not terrible but like most meniscus sufferers have difficulty going down stairs, getting up from a sitting position etc. The pain is maybe a 3 or 4 on a scale of 10. I’m 44 years old and would prefer not to have the surgery and perhaps concentrate on my weight loss and move to the stationary bike for my cardio workout. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You!


  5. Reply Dr.Shazia says:

    Hi, Dr.Luks

    I have subscribed to your newsletter and read your articles regularly.I am a general physician practicing for managed care organization in Health insurance in Dubai UAE.

    I have a question regarding the therapeutic medically indicated Hyaluronic acid injections. Besides adjunct to Steroid after initial oral analgesia and and anti inflammatory.Is this injection indicated and results are good if used for any other joint arthritis and also besides OA knees i have read this injection is indicated for Joint lavage post Key hole knee surgeries.

    i likes your article about PRP to avoid TKR surgeries.

    Thank you and Kind Regards

    Good luck Doctor.


    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Thanks for your kind comments. The literature on Hyaluronic Acid injections is quite mixed. Some studies show there is a benefit, yet many others do not. Many patients (anecdotal) do very well for quite a while after a series of injections into the knee. I have found it to be useful post arthroscopy to support patients who had a micro-fracture or other cartilage stimulating procedure. There is very little literature to support its use in other joints … and as of now it is only indicated for the knee. I’m sure docs are injecting it into other joints, but the cost is prohibitive in the US, and the insurers will only cover it for the knee— so widespread use in other joints is not likely to occur.
      Howard Luks

  6. Reply Frances says:

    Hi Dr. Luks, I came across many searches on the computer and your site was interesting to me. I have a question about my left shoulder. I fell 3 days ago and I have extreme pain when I try to lift my shoulder up, forward or to the side. It’s not as bad if my arm is bent at the elbow, but still hurts. Do you have any suggestions as to what I have injured? Thank you!

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Hello Frances…
      It sounds like you may have injured your rotator cuff. I would see an orthopedist who can examine you and give you a better idea based on his or her examination.

      Good Luck
      Howard Luks

  7. Reply Renie says:

    Hello Dr. Luks: I, too, have watched your video and read many of the letters. At 61, my ortho dr. has suggested therapy and then arthroscopy surgery. I had very significant pain back in February – the pain now has subsided greatly – usually 1 to 3/4. And I do have arthritis pain in the knee. Dr. told me this tear will not heal on its own and I should consider surgery. The MRI results were: complex tear, likely radial, of the body of the medial meniscus on 5:13. Body of medial meniscus mildly extruded from jt. space. Lateral normal. Collateral Ligaments: Proximal MCL thickening with mild to moderate surrounding edema consistent with sprain. No tear. Lateral ligament complex normal. Patellofemoral jt: moderate chondromalacia of superior patella w/mild subchondral edema. This approach is full-thickness loss superiorly such as on 6:7. Trochlear cartilage signal mildly irregular but w/out focal defect. Other bones and articular cartilage: mild irregularity and thinning of the medial compartment cartilage w/minor areas of subchondral edema unable to no full-thickness defect. Lateral compartment cartilage normal. Impression: tear of left knee medial meniscus & medial compartment & patellofemoral chondromalacia.

    I’ve read enough of the posted letters to know that level of pain and surgery is my choice, but based on my dr’s recommendation for surgery and MRI results, do you agree with him or should I seek a second opinion? Will this ever get better on its own or thru therapy?? Thank you SO much for your input – I wish I lived closer to you.

  8. Reply Name Ron Arizpe says:

    Dr. Luks, watched a few of your videos and read a few articles. Great to have a physician like you with an open forum for these things. I’m 56 and about 4-5 months ago started experiencing a slight pain in my right shoulder. Don’t have a constant pain and only some times when sleeping does it bother me; however not unbearable. Bothers me off and on when I pitch baseballs to my son. Went to a doctor and after an MRI was told I have a 1cm tear in my rotator cuff and a tear in my labrum. So I know this a quality of life decision, but just want to get your opinion on the 1cm information. I know how much 1cm is, but not the severity of this when it comes to a rotator cuff. Have you ever had any experience with the BFST (blood flow stimulation therapy) process in trying to heal this type of injury?
    I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this and not to be a diagnosis.

    Best Regards,

    Ron Arizpe

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Thanks Ron…
      1 cm is a very small tear. These are the tears we usually watch … and start with non-surgical treatments or “benign neglect”. Many many many :-) people our age have labral tears. Virtually all can be ignored. I hope this info helps.

      Howard Luks

  9. Reply John King says:

    Dr. Luks represents a new era of physicians who recognize that individuals experiencing medical problems wish to have, and are entitled to have, all information available that will help them decide a course of action among available options. Too often one finds that, as physicians become more and more specialized, while that specialization often does result in more focused expertise, it also often comes with a narrowing of views of possibilities. That is, surgeons often tend to recommend surgical solutions, thus limiting the options presented to patients, etc., etc., etc. And, unfortunately, many patients don’t search beyond the first “expert” opinion/recommendation.

    Ultimately, one must be responsible for one’s own health care. Dr. Luks’ web-based approach, and willingness to make himself and his medical expertise available, encourages patients to take this responsibility for themselves, that is, to research all options before choosing an approach to address their particular medical issues.

    Dr. Luks’ approach and philosophy are perfect examples of the phrase from the Hippocratic Oath – “Primum non nocere” (first, do no harm). He truly is a Renaissance physician.

    Thanks Dr. Luks.


    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Thank you !!!! I truly appreciate your comments… and it makes my commitment that much stronger!!!
      Howard Luks

  10. Reply Bud B. says:

    Hi Dr. Luks,

    Thanks so much for the excellent video and links regarding knee replacement (http://www.howardluksmd.com/education/common-injuries/knee-replacement/). I think your video is the best I have seen–it is the conversation I would want to have with my surgeon but that probably wouldn’t happen because of the time involved (rather sad when trying to make a big decision like this)–your video is an efficient way to deliver this information. I like how you carefully weigh out the pros and cons of the procedure–and your comment about not thanking you until after two months. You certainly drive home the point that even though it is a very successful procedure that it is a serious decision to make and that alternative treatments should be exhausted first.

    Thanks so much for making this available!

  11. Reply FRANK KING says:

    Dr. Luks is plain and simple the best Doctor in his field scratch that never mind that he is an outstanding Orthopedic surgeon if I had a common cold or the flu I would rather see him then my primary care physician or if I had a problem with my foot rather see him then a podiatrist or if I needed glasses rather see him then an optometrist, you get the picture. Iv seen a plastic surgeon for a problem that I on my lower left shin after surgery I still had pain and discomfort and after seeking another plastic surgeon and after an mri I was told I would have to live with it that it was ok when I asked Dr Luks about it before he even saw the mri he correctly diagnosed it in the office just by looking at it,and then after viewing the mri pointed what the other Doctor had missed, we then schedule an lower leg fasciotomy, relieve the pressure and pain gone that simple. That’s how Dr Luks makes his patience feel very informative very knowledgeable he understands each Patience’s pursuit for a better quality of life every time I have an appointment its just a great experience you can rest assure that your in good hands, the medical world is a better place thanks to Dr Luks.

  12. Reply Gareth Paul Betts says:

    Dear Dr. Luks,

    Watching your videos and reading your comments related to meniscal tears was almost a blueprint for the experience that I am currently having.

    I’m a 64 year-old male. Roughly two months ago I slipped on the vinyl floor in the kitchen, fell, and hit the inside of my right knee. At the time it felt as though someone had stuck an ice pick in that area. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who took x-rays, and then proceeded to twist my leg in all different directions. He next jammed his thumb into an area just below the knee cap on the inside of my leg. “Yes, you have a meniscus tear. I can’t tell much from these x-rays so I’m going to schedule you for an MRI. After my diagnosis is confirmed I will schedule you for surgery.”

    At this stage I really don’t have any pain. I know that it’s there but it certainly is not debilitating. The only time I experience real pain is when I am sleeping and I happen to knock my knees together. I have complete motion in that leg. I can walk, even run. I can walk sideways, do turns, walk up and down stairs and am able to stand from a sitting position without the use of my hands.

    Again, referring to your comments, I don’t believe surgery is necessary. I am, of course, ignorant of these matters so that is why I am writing to you. I don’t know, but the idea of being rushed into surgery is not very appealing not to mention the possibility of complications.

    Any comments related to my situation would be greatly appreciated. I fully realize that your feedback is not to be taken as a diagnosis. Nevertheless, it would give me at an indication if I am on track or not.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards,

    Gareth Betts

    Dr. Luks Reply:

    Gareth, if your knee feels “fine” and you have minimal pain then it
    becomes a quality of life decision. Take some time, see if it
    improves further— and if it doesn’t then you determine if surgery is
    worthwhile. The decision is yours to make, not your surgeons :-)
    Good Luck. Thanks for reaching out!

    Howard Luks MD

    My Reply Back to Dr. Luks,

    Thank you for your prompt response. Your comments are along the line of my thinking as well: “(t)ake some time, see if it improves further…” I will do so and see how things progress.

    Best wishes,


    Finally, all I can say is whomever has been fortunate enough to have found Dr. Luks has found a gold mine. It is no small wonder that Dr. Luks has been “recognized by US News and World Report as one of the Top Sports Medicine Doctors in the United States.” Dr. Luks message is quite simple: read and learn. I would personally urge everyone to do so.

  13. Reply Neil N says:

    I have chronic arthritis in both of my knees and have seen several very good orthopedists over the past 15 years for treatment. The goal was to delay the need for Total knee replacement for as long as possible, without experiencing too much discomfort. I know that I am close, but not ready yet for TKR. I have been receiving viscosupplementation (synvisc, euflexa, etc) for the past 9 years to alleviate the discomfort, and it has been working well enough. I have had some problems with side effects of the shots, which until now, were not treated as the allergic reactions to the Synvisc that they actually were. Dr Luks immediately diagnosed that I was allergic to the synvisc, and that was why my knees were so swollen and painful after the shots. He said that he stopped using Synvisc, which is derived from a natural substance from chickens and has switched to synthetic supplements like Orthovisc. The series of three shots were administered expertly and painlessly in a much different fashion than any of the other physicians in the past( or the Physician Assistants). Dr. Luks administers the injections himself. I had several good discussions with Dr. Luks about the condition of my knees and when I should consider getting the replacements. He was very reassuring and explained that the x-rays don’t show when the time is right, that the patient will know. There was no rush to surgery if other methods still provide relief.
    I am very impressed with Dr.Luks professionalism, knowledge, skills, and demeanor, and I highly recommend him to anyone with knee problems. He truly is an expert in his field.
    Thank you!

  14. Reply Namedavid della sciucca says:

    hello to all-just an update– a few weeks ago if you saw dr luks posted on a day at the office-he said that .all were in good spirits that day -the patients were all doing well,the problems they were having were improving,and he said that the day was just a good day,and that it makes him really enjoy and looks forward to going to work and just a good day all arround

    well i went on Tuesday to see dr luks -post rotate cuff surgery on the 24th of feb-after surgery as always dr luks called my wife and told her all went well and instructions on what to get ready for and what we should do-she said that he explained it all in such a way that she said -i never spoke to a dr with such (as she said) bedside manners) that was so sweet and down to earth in explaining what to do-and, if any question do not hesitate to call him anytime.when i went for my appointment he spoke to me and took out the stitches and gave it a look and told me again what to do
    but the way dr luks explains and tell you is just so to the point and so clear and then asks if i had any questions, and sat there and explained all that i was concerned about ,and he told me something,and i still diddnt understand it ,and he explained it in a way where i did understand-instead of walking out of there and with just dr. talk and still not clear-then i told him that coming to my dr apts.with him are so pleasant that i dont dread going to see him

    so now what he said about that day he had -well just reverse it and put me in his place-his office visits are so pleasant that i do not believe im writing this -and also lets not forget jennifer-she is as sweet and helpfull as that she also treats people with such kindness any questions either phone or email–she responds as soon as she can and if you ask her to ask the dr a question ,she does and gets back to you-on refills of medicine-she gets right on it-not like some drs ,your calling them for 3 days that i just have to say from her to him -my dr visits are nothing but great-so if there is anyone thinking about anything orthopedic related matters -dont look any further-stop right here and call dr luks
    ok so till next time just remember he is so much into his patients that you will never find a better guy out there
    thank you dr luks for all your help and being just a solid person

  15. Reply Camille Vining says:

    I found Dr. Luks after months of unsuccessful treatments from two other doctors. I was desperate for relief from chronic pain and restricted movement resulting from a shoulder injury. At the first visit Dr. Luks performed a thorough physical exam, asked many questions about the incident which caused the injury, the treatments I had been given, and the sensations I was experiencing. Dr. Luks was able to determine the correct cause of my pain which had been misdiagnosed by the other doctors.
    He recommended and performed surgery this past November. Dr Luks made me completely comfortable throughout the procedure and gave clear after-care instructions. He and his staff were easily reached whenever we had questions. He was able to accurately describe the level of discomfort I would be in, the time frame it would last, and how to best manage the pain. It has been about 9 weeks since my surgery and my recovery has gone exactly as he described. I plan to return to work next week.
    Throughout my treatment with Dr. Luks his reliable staff and nurse Jennifer handled numerous needs including adjusting and refilling medications, handling the paperwork for my absence from work, arranging coverage through workers’ compensation and just offering that emotional support when I needed it. I was able to easily schedule appointments as needed due to the flexible hours at the various offices.
    Dr Luks and University Orthopedists are a terrific team of caring, skilled medical professionals that give patients their undivided focused attention with one goal in mind, to make you well again. I am so grateful for the compassionate, knowledgeable care Dr. Luks provided. He is truly the hero that rescued me from a terrible year of chronic pain and diminished lifestyle. I recommend him with the absolute highest regard.

    Camille Vining

  16. Reply Briana Chapman says:

    Dr. Luks,
    I really wanted to thank you for helping me out when I broke my finger this past winter. I was talking to my dad telling him how much I adored your personality and thought you were such a kind and funny person. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see you anymore because I was told that you are not taking our insurance anymore. I would really hate to have to find another orthopedist to go to. I just really wanted to let you know how much your personality helped the straightening of my finger. I was very terrified but you and your jokes just made it seem so simple. Because of you I am considering going to college for medicine or something in the medical field. You are a great influence on my family’s life and we love to talk about you at the dinner table. I hope that you will take our insurance so that I can see your lovely face every time I get hurt (which hopefully won’t be often). You are a great doctor and even better person.

  17. Reply Namedavid della sciucca says:

    well as i think i left off last time i was deciding weather or not to get rotate r cuff surgery on my left shoulder-i think i decided yes-but then afterwards you know ,you always have second thoughts -so as it may be i saw a video (self made) that dr luks had posted and read an artical also posted by dr luks-and once again the information that he gave and the information in the artical were both just so helpfull in the ups and downs-the good -the bad -and the yes and no:s about the rotater cuff-i just want to once again say that if there were other dr:s out there that would take the time -the effort and their knowledge and do what dr. luks does,it would make life easier on all of us to know a bit more on your situation –like i stated you can use the info and see which way you want to go-i want to thank dr luks again for doing this so that all his patients and patients that arent his. – so doctors out there. open your eyes and see what the new age is -i wish that the info that dr luks is putting out there for us i had back in 2005-2006- i would of had a better look at what i was up aganist with all my prior surgerys and might of made a few different decisions about it.-none orthropedic related,cause if they were the answer would of been dr luks by far -so once again dr luks thank you for all your help in making decisions that will be with me for life-and so far all the decisions that i have made with dr luks have been nothing but the easiest and the best decisions that i have made in this subject
    dave della sciucca

  18. Reply Namedavid della sciucca says:

    I have been seeing dr luks now for about a year-from the first time we meet , i just felt a very comfortable connection between dr and patient-.i was having trouble with my knee- he sent me for some tests and was diagnosed that i needed a knee replacement- he told me to think about it and left me with some options and decisions to make from beginning to end. the care and kindness that he provided me was as professional as it gets-he made my surgery as comfortable and painless as it can get also , and what i liked most was that when i asked for my next appointment he said whenever you feel you need to see me is your appointment outside his scheduled appointments-and the after care he provided was just great-since then ive had carpel tunnel surgery by dr luks and that also was a very comfortable surgery-now im having a rotater cuff issue,and once again the way that he goes about your options -its just so professional- i am so glad that i have Dr luks as my orthopedic doctor if you ever need any kind of orthopedic help dr luks is the person that i would suggest to you -just make an appointment with him,and after the first time you visit him ,you will see what i mean about his kindness and understanding -thank you dr luks for all your help

  19. Reply Namedavid della sciucca says:

    have been seeing dr luks now for about a year-from the first time we meet , i just felt a very comfortable connection between dr and patient-.i was having trouble with my knee- he sent me for some tests and was diagnosed that i needed a knee replacement- he told me to think about it and left me with some options and decisions to make from beginning to end. the care and kindness that he provided me was as professional as it gets-he made my surgery as comfortable and painless as it can get, and what i liked most was that when i asked for my next appointment he said whenever you feel you need to see me is your appointment outside his scheduled appointments-and the after care he provided was just great-since then ive had carpel tunnel surgery by dr luks and now im having a rotater cuff issue,and once again the way that he goes about your options -its just so professional-if you ever need any kind of orthopedic help dr luks is the person that i would suggest to you -just make an appointment with him,and after the first time you visit him ,you will see what i mean -thank you dr luks for all your help

  20. Reply Anonymous says:

    Dear Dr. Luks:
    Happy holidays, and my thanks again for the excellent results of your operations on both of my knees.
    About two months after my first knee total replacement in May 2010, I was swimming in the Atlantic and sailing but with discomfort on the other knee that was replaced on December 2010.
    Two months later, in February 2011, I was already hiking. In May I ascended to the highest altitude in Machu Picchu (Peru). In the summer I was fishing on my boat without feeling any restrictions in mobility and in September I was climbing again in the Picos de Europa (European Peaks in Spain). While talking with another hiker (a doctor) he recommended I take it easy to conserve my prosthesis but after he learned that I was seventy five years old he said that probably I will not need replacements!!.
    Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I attach a few to confirm my above statements.

    My best regards,

  21. Reply Stacy Chastain says:

    After visiting our orthopedic surgeon in Missouri three times and our pcp three times we were getting nowhere with anyone except to take pain pills and anti-inflammatory medications. This is even after an MRI showed a loose body (bone chip) in the left knee of my husband and a torn meniscus in the right knee, we were then referred to a rhumatologist even though the blood test results done concluded that he was negative for both gout and rhumatoid arthritis. I was so desperate to get my husband some help after being completley down for six weeks. My husband was a man who was an active person who reffed basketball 3-4 times per week before the injury occured and then was not able to do more than walk to the restroom. I began researching and found Dr. Luks website and read all of his information and the testimonials. Everything I read made me believe we were not asking to much for my husband to be operated on and get his life back. I figured it was a shot in the dark but I would email Dr. Luks with our issues and see what happened. Honestly, I never expected to get a response but Dr. Luks responded via email to me the next day and encouraged us to make the surgeon listen or get a second opinion. Dr. Luks knew since we lived in Missouri we would not be able to see him so he was not making any money off of us. He was sincere and has not only emailed me once but two more time out of concern for my husband. We NEED more doctors like Dr. Luks who actually care about patients and not about the ultimate dollar. I only wish we were closer to New York so he could take care of my husband. I can not say enough good things about him and we are now scheduled for surgery on Monday morning to fix one of my husbands knees. If you are in the New York area I would definatley reccormmend seeing this doctor because he definately cares about his paitients.

  22. Reply Lori Brogan says:

    I have had a total of 7 knee surgeries, including now having both knees replaced by the age of 56. I had run into so many problems over the years, especially with the left knee replacement that I was really skeptical when it came to orthopaedists. I actually found Dr. Howard Luks myself through internet research, on the website called RediscoverYourGo.com, because I was interested in receiving the 30 year knee for the right knee replacement. I came to Dr. Luks with a list of 21 questions that he answered succinctly, patiently, and professionally. I experienced a completely different replacement this time with Dr. Luks, as I actually went home after the third day in the hospital. He is, in my opinion, the top orthopaedic surgeon in New York. He actually really listens to your concerns and treats you compassionately. This is practically non-existent when it comes to some doctors. His staff is both professional and courteous. I would never go anywhere else if I were to need surgery again. I highly recommend Dr. Luks to anyone considering an orthopaedic procedure. He is not only cutting-edge, he is also a kind and very easy person to talk to about your medical condition.

  23. Reply Todd says:

    Dr. Luks immediately diagnosed what was happening with the “dead hand” that I awoke with recently. He referred me to a specialist for neurological assessment which confirmed his original thinking. I was seamlessly scheduled to have it repaired; he made me feel very comfortable and was very up front about what to expect during and post surgical.

    After surgery, I was immediately able to move my fingers and had an immediate return of sensation. Had he not done this, I risked losing functionality of my dominant hand for the rest of my life.

    Was it an annoyance to put bags over my cast for daily showers, etc.? Yes! However, it was only for a few days and Dr. Luks saw me at prescribed intervals explaining where I was and what to expect next. He took the “fear factor” out of the equation for me. He calmed it down for me.

    Today…. I’m good to go… I have functionality back and I’m grateful for trusting Dr. Luks which has allowed me to return my life to one of normalcy.

    In addition, he has performed procedures on a number of my friends for shoulder issues, etc. I never expected to be a patient myself. I am now part of this group that Dr. Luks has given us the ability to move forward despite whatever issue we were having.

    Thank you Dr. Luks.

  24. Reply Carole Rogers says:

    On March 23, 2011, I entered the Westchester Medical Center to have a total knee replacement
    by Dr. Howard Luks. Dr. Luks had been referred to me by a nurse of many years at the Medical
    Center. I can now see why she recommended him. He obviously does many of these procedures.
    I experienced very low trauma during the procedure; 3 days in the Medical Center, 4 days in Helen Hayes Rehap Center and then home using only a cane on occasion. Stairs were never an issue I was doing full flights of stairs 2nd day in rehab. Back to work in 5 weeks and full range in my knee in 7 weeks. Walk as though I never had surgery.
    Anyone toying with the idea of having a knee replacement should consider talking with Dr. Luks.
    He comes highly recommended. He is very caring and extremely professional as well..
    Good luck with your decisions!.

  25. Reply Lazaro E. Padron says:

    Ten months ago Dr. Luks performed a bilateral knee replacement operation on my mother who is 84 years old. She had severe arthritis on both knees and was in continous pain.
    The quality of her life has taken a wonderful turn for the better thanks to Dr. Luks expertise.
    Furthermore, Dr. Luks is a compassionate human being and is extremely sensitive to a patient’s, emotional needs. His kindness also extended to me. After each operation, he sat with me for a good half hour and explained in great detail how the operations progressed.
    I highly recommend Dr. Luks as an expert in his field and a perfect gentleman.

    Lazaro E. Padron
    Antonia C. Fernandez (Patient)

  26. Reply Michael Stewart says:

    I first saw Dr. Luks in the fall of 2010 for worsening knee pain from a condition that was diagnosed 30 years earlier as chondromalacia patella. During those 30 years I lived with continuous pain in both knees, despite having had bilateral retinacular releases performed on them as a teenager. I saw a variety of orthopedic doctors over time, and each time was told that there was little more that could be done, other than physical therapy and the use of pain relievers. I learned to live with the pain, but as it worsened over time it eventually it became too much to bear, so my general practitioner recommended that I see Dr. Luks.

    On my first visit Dr. Luks diagnosed my condition as osteoarthritis (OA), and recommended Euflexxa injections in the knee as a treatment. My understanding is that Euflexxa is a form of hyaluronic acid (HA) – a natural substance found in the synovial fluid that helps cushion, lubricate, and protect the knee. In people with OA, the synovial fluid becomes thinner and less able to do its job. So when Euflexxa is injected, it replenishes the HA in the knee and helps restore the ability of the synovial fluid to do its job.

    My treatment began with injections in each knee at a rate of one injection per week for three consecutive weeks. Shortly after the third injection, I was amazed at the level of pain relief I experienced. It was the first time that I felt comparatively pain-free in three decades. Although my understanding is that Euflexxa won’t stop the progression of OA, it has made dealing with it much easier, at least for now. I only wish I knew about the availability of this treatment earlier!

  27. Reply Richard Power says:

    I first saw Dr. Luks about 3 years ago with severe pain in my left shoulder. An MRI revealed substantial damage to the shoulder. I have been to MANY orthapedists in my life and all I ever heard was we need to operate. I had 3 surgeries on my left shoulder and one on my right as well as a total hip replacement prior to seeing Dr. Luks and never felt totally comfortable going in to the procedures, not to mention how I felt afterward. I was surprised when Dr. Luks told me that we could try to control the pain with cortisone and physical therapy. That worked well for more than 2 years!

    In April of 2010 I suffered an injury to my right shoulder which in hind site was a godsend. The company I was with put me in a supervisory position at which point Dr. Luks and I began seeing a lot of each other.

    What surprised me most through all of my problems was that Dr. Luks always gave me options where I was always told prior, “we need to operate”.

    In July 2010 I decided it was time to get some repairs done and decided to get the left shoulder done first as I was expecting the worst. Dr. Luks performed arthroscopic surgery in August. I was able to begin using my arm, no sling, 4 days later!!!! I could not believe it, pain free in that arm for the first time in years.

    In Oct. I tore the meniscus in my right knee. If I am confusing anyone imagine how Dr. Luks must have felt!!
    In Jan. the good doctor repaired my right knee. Again, completly pain free in no time, couple of weeks at the most.

    In March 2011 Dr. Luks performed bicipital tendonosis on my right shoulder which is still in the process of healing. The pain in my shoulder was gone in one week!!!!

    Through all of my pain I was seeing a pain management doctor and have been living under the depressing burden of pain killers since 2006. For the first time since 2006 I am living painkiller free and have only Dr.Luks to thank. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -if you have an appointment at 10am you are seen at 10am. No long waits that seem to be custumary with doctor appointments today.
    -the staff that work for and with Dr. Luks’ are sincerely concerned about your well being. Especially Jen!
    -Dr. Luks is easily the most knowledgable, thorough, and skilled Dr. I have ever seen.
    -Dr. Luks has a fantastic bedside manner and treats a patient as a person not a job. His personality is easy and sincere. Always open and honest about your condition,he pulls no punches. This may sound ridiculous, but I actually look forward to my appointments as I enjoy speaking with him.


    Dr. Luks has my sincere gratitude and deepest admiration. I highly recommend him as a doctor, a surgeon, and a person. I will be a lifelong patient.

  28. Reply Philip says:

    I visited Dr. Luks after injuring my knee playing squash. Having already been through several knee problems and a couple of surgeries, I suspected I had a torn meniscus. From the start, care from Dr. Luks and his team was superb. He ordered the necessary diagnostic tests including an MRI which revealed a small tear in the meniscus. Dr. Luks discussed my options and we decided he would perform arthroscopy on the knee. I was supported by the office staff and the hospital staff and was very impressed with the ease and professionalism of pre-operative care. On the day of surgery everything went like clock-work. My knee felt surprisingly good after surgery. I’ve been “scoped” before, but Dr. Luks did a great job and was far less intrusive to the knee joint than I expected or have experienced before. I was walking right away and on the exercise bike immediately. This really could not have gone better. As an added bonus, I must mention that the typical wait in his office was very short, which is ordinarily NOT the case when you visit an orthopedist. I’ll always recommend Dr. Luks and his team, and thanks!

  29. Reply Camille mckay says:

    Dr Luks performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee, both my husband and I were very impressed by Dr Luks’ s intelligence, confidence and expertise. I have absolutely no pain and have already started exercising. Thank you for being a fantastic physician.

  30. Reply Mike Battenfeld says:

    On 14 March 2011, Dr. Howard Luks performed a biceps tenodesis on my right shoulder. The surgery was completed in an effort to relieve persistent and escalating pain that was affecting my range of motion and ultimately my quality of life. It was both, arthroscopic and open, so that the remainder of my shoulder could be checked for the possibility of any additional problems. My experience with Dr. Luks has been nothing less than outstanding.

    Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to be sent to Dr. Luks for an Independent Medical Exam. I found Dr. Luks to be professional, direct, and sincere; therefore, when I began having increasing problems with my shoulders I called and made an appointment. Upon meeting with Dr. Luks, I was surprised and happy that he remembered me and was aware of my history. Dr. Luks performed a routine physical examination of both of my shoulders and was certain that my problem was a tendonitis of the bicep tendon (which runs in a groove into the shoulder). However, he wanted to back up his diagnosis and sent me for a guided cortisone injection (directly into the bicep tendon). The temporary relief that I received confirmed Dr. Luks’ diagnosis.

    At my next visit, Dr. Luks thoroughly explained my options. At no time did he ever push for surgery. To the contrary, Dr. Luks advised me to contemplate all of my options. He further advised me that surgery should be considered as a last resort, such as when my quality of life is being negatively affected. I waited a while, but returned to Dr. Luks ready to have the surgery. Dr. Luks again explained the pre and post-surgery process, as well as the actual course of the surgery. My surgery was subsequently scheduled for 14 March 2011, at the Fishkill Ambulatory Surgery Center. In the days prior to the surgery, I was contacted by numerous staff from FASC and Dr. Luks’ office ensuring that they had necessary information and checking to see if I had any questions.

    Upon arriving for surgery, I signed in and was called almost immediately. I was pleased with the cleanliness of the facility and moreover, the way in which the medical staff, working as team, interacted with each other. I spoke with most, if not all, of the team members. Each of them introduced themselves and explained their participation. Dr. Luks visited me once again for an explanation of what to expect, in addition to verifying and marking my shoulder for the coming incisions. A short time later, I was wheeled into the operating room where I was given a nerve block (which I elected to have). Actually, following the numbing prior to the nerve block I was out. I woke in recovery with my right arm in a sling, but no real pain. Within a short time I was dressed and wheeled to the car.

    I adhered to Dr. Luks’ instruction regarding icing my shoulder and pain medication. Consequently I had minimal pain while resting at home. After three days I was able remove the bandages and shower (keeping the incisions as dry as possible). One week after my surgery I visited Dr. Luks. He checked the incisions, cut the stitches, and pulled the staples. Additionally, he gave me the approval to start physical therapy and showed me how to start stretching my arm and shoulder. Soon after starting physical therapy I had increased my range of motion to almost normal. With each day that passes I feel I have more pain free motion and that the incisions (minimal to begin with) are healing well and fading. I look forward to my next visit with Dr. Luks, in hopes that I can move onto strengthening exercises.

    In conclusion, I want to thank all those who were involved in any aspect of my surgery. I would especially like to thank Dr. Howard Luks for his professionalism, his compassion, and his integrity. My experience was most certainly a positive one and in my opinion Dr. Luks is truly exceptional.

  31. Reply Doll says:

    This May 2010, I had my right knee replaced by Howard Luks, MD, Chief Orthopedic Surgeon at Westchester Medical Center. I’ve had other doctors’ in the past, he surpasses them all. He treated me as he would a relative personalizing my care.

    Upfront and professional, Dr. Luks told me in detail what to expect and kept me informed. Upon meeting him my mobility was limited. My walk was distorted, I had excruciating pain, and my leg looked deformed. To say the least, I was despondent and didn’t have much hope.

    On the day of my surgery, Dr. Luks was there to greet me, before and after. First, he recommended intensive rehabilitation and then follow up outpatient physical therapy and met with me regularly monitoring my progress. He always listened attentively and was available each time decisions were made for my care.

    Having a knee replacement is a major undertaking and should not be taken lightly, however, Dr. Luks made this a positive experience for me. I am now hopeful; able to sleep, I’m walking better and better able to play with my grandchildren. My confidence is restored as my leg takes shape and is nearly normal again. Only an expert can do this!

    I was very fortunate to have a man of Dr. Luks’ integrity caring for my knee, elbow and shoulder. I recommend him highly & advise future prospects to meet him in person, to engage his “down to earth” personality before deciding who should be their knee surgeon.

  32. Reply Bill Evans says:

    I have been extremely fortunate to be in very good health and lead a very active life style. At 56 years old, I work out daily and I am involved in many physical activities such as golf and bicycling. Last September, I was involved in a serious accident with a car while bicycling and needless to say, I received the worst of it. My rotator cuff was severed in several places and I needed surgery. From the very beginning, Dr. Luks was excellent. He let me know the severity of the injury, the possibilities for recovery and what I needed to do to improve my chances for the best recovery possible. He was confident and knew what needed to occur. Dr. Luks assured me that if I followed his orders, this would be a successful operation and did not let me talk him into any short cuts. He answered all questions in a timely manner in a very direct and honest way. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks to Dr. Luks, I am confident I will be back on the golf course very soon and resuming the activities that are a major part of my life. I strongly recommend him.

  33. Reply Adam Link says:

    Dr. Howard Luks is the best surgeon I have ever been to. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Luks about 6 years ago when I had a nagging shoulder injury that ended up needing surgery (orthoscopic). After that, I would see him a couple of more times, the last one being a complete Rupture of my Pectoralis Major at the muscle/tendon junction, an injury that happen during a bench press exercise. This was an injury that some would say cannot be repaired, but not Dr. Luks he said he could do it ,and he did. He fixed my Pec and now (months later) I am back to normal working out (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, weight training ext.) and feeling good. Dr. Luks will listen to every question you throw at him and answers every one of them and tells you how it is, and thats what I like about him. I would recommend Dr. Luks to everyone. Dr. Luks is as caring and respectful as they come!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!

  34. Reply From Vitals.com says:

    Dr. Howard J. Luks is as professional and competent as you would want in an orthopedic surgeon.He easily engages his patients. Helistens to the patient. Most importantly, He presents pro & cons of various options. He solicits the patients concerns and gives realistic feedback. Bottom Line: I would readily recommend him to anyone!!!

    Read more: http://www.vitals.com/doctor/profile/1982622742/reviews/1982622742#ixzz17vYcAK00

  35. Reply Dr. Anne D. Gooding says:

    I, would without, any reservations, recommend anyone with knee pain to have a consult with Dr. Howard Luks!
    I consulted with Dr Luks several years ago for knee pain. I had surmised that I’d probably be advised to lose some weight. While waiting, approximately four weeks, I decided to lose weight during the interim. When I met with Dr. Luks, he commented that I didn’t appear to be experiencing pain. I confirmed his observation. (Losing 10 lbs apparently relieved my “painful knees” ). He commented you don’t need me now come back if the pain returns!
    Three years later, my knee pain returned with a vengence. I needed a consult with Dr. Luks and within three days of requesting an appointment, I met with him! Following the X-Rays, he told me what the problem was. Then, he told me what he COULDN’T DO and the rationale. Dr. Luks, then discussed my options, which as it turned out, had to be Total Bi-lateral Knee Replacement.
    I was in pain 24/7. following surgery and extensive physical rehabilitation, I now have my life back! I can walk without a walker, etc. Thank you Dr Luks, I now have an active life again, minus the pain. I’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary following Bilateral Total Knee Replacement. BTW: I’m 75 years young!!!!!

  36. Reply From Yelp says:

    I never thought I would get up the courage to have both my knees done but after the wonderful experience my son had with his surgery my fears diminished. He spoke so highly of Dr. Luks and how he explained every detail of what to expect and the options available I knew I had to meet him. After that first appointment I knew just what he meant and I am so grateful to have been introduced to him. I am now 5 months post surgery and feeling better than I have in many years. I am finally able to dance again, walk up & down steps, and cook & bake for my grandchildren like I used to for my own children. I never expected the recovery to be so fast either; I was driving at 6 weeks and, with the help of physical therapy, walking the mall for hours at 8 weeks. I can even enjoy the companionship of a pet again and enjoy outside activities. The lifestyle Dr. Luks has given back to me through his skillful hands is more than anyone could ask for.

  37. Reply D.C. says:

    Dr. Luks,
    I am now nine weeks past my surgery, graduated from physical therapy, gardening, climbing ladders, riding my exercise bike for 20-30 minutes a day. I can only call this a successful outcome, thanks to you, for my knee replacement. But I am equally grateful to you for your patience, thorough explanation of procedures, careful monitoring of my recovery in hospital and encouragement during my post-op period. You now have two out of two successes in our family. Thank you.

  38. Reply G. W. says:

    Dr. Luks,

    I am now nine weeks past my surgery, graduated from physical therapy, gardening, climbing ladders, riding my exercise bike for 20-30 minutes a day. I can only call this a successful outcome, thanks to you, for my knee replacement. But I am equally grateful to you for your patience, thorough explanation of procedures, careful monitoring of my recovery in hospital and encouragement during my post-op period. You now have two out of two successes in our family. Thank you.

Patient Testimonials prior to 2010

December 2009

Hi Dr. Luks,

I wish to thank you for my new lifestyle without knee pain and a new life beginning at 72. I thank God everyday he put you into my life. Let me explain.

On May 22, 2009 I fell down and landed on my right knee, that had been worked on a couple of years earlier. The pain I experienced was different than any other. I went to the hospital and they x-rayed the knee and there were no broken bones.My Doctor gave me your name to contact and I made an appointment.

I brought the x-rays with me to your office.You made me feel at ease and comfortable. You looked at the x-rays and determined that it needed replacement. My daughter was with me and asked if you would look at the other knee and you sent me across the hall for x-rays and that knee was as bad as the other and both needed replacement. With the information you provided, I decided to do both knees together.We set up a date, August 14th, to do the operation at the Westchester Medical Center.I couldn’t do it earlier because my daughter was being married on June 26th and I had a week long conference in Los Vegas the first week of August.

Both events were very painful. I was barely able to walk my daughter down the aisle and have the first father and daughter dance and I called the office that Monday to get an earlier date but couldn’t get it. The Los Vegas Conference was very painful also.

I was operated on August 14th and I was using a walker on Sunday and Thursday I was in Burke Rehabilitation Center. I worked very hard and after a week I was able to go home with a cane. I still go to physical therapy and the Therapist stated that you did a great job.

I was back at work after 5 weeks and driving after 6 weeks. My recovery has been remarkable. I have no pain and I am walking without a limp and I seem to have grown an inch. My family and friends say that I look younger and healthier than ever. Being pain free does that for you.

Part of the reason for my decision to do my knee replacements is my two year old grandson. I couldn’t get down on the floor and play with him or to catch him when he ran. Today I can do that and also do a lot more work around the house. I can climb ladders and kneel on the floor.I couldn’t do that before.

I wish to thank you and all your staff that pulled me through this most difficult time.I have shared my experience with many of my friends and praised your skills as a surgeon. Thanks for my new knees and a new way of life, pain free.


June 2009

Dear Dr. Luks,

I am writing this email to thank you for the excellent care and attention you have provided me since performing my total knee replacement on January 9, 2009.

For about a year prior to the surgery, I limited my participation in any kind of walking activity, due to the pain I would feel by the end of the day. Sometimes, the pain would continue for the next day or two. Knowing of this possibility in advance, I often found myself limiting my participation in any non-work-related events.

Today, June 9, 2009, is exactly 5 months since I’ve had the procedure. With the assistance of 4 months of physical therapy, I am actively engaging in lots of activities, with no pain at all. In fact, I’ve been completely pain free for 2 months now.

Dr. Luks, I am grateful for having the opportunity to recoup my life again. You are responsible for my progress and I will highly recommend you to any person I know in need of your services.

Sincerely, L.O.

May 2009

The full knee replacement I received from Dr. Luks in 2006 has helped me to once again enjoy the active lifestyle I was used to before severe knee pain made many activities a painful experience. Within a week after the operation I was walking 4 – 5 miles a day, although slowly and with some discomfort. Within a month the discomfort was largely gone, and now, at age 67, I am able to compete in racewalking and bicycle races, activities I could not possible have engaged in without the new knee.

I took the gold medal in the Delray Beach senior games 1500m walk, and qualified for state championships in 10k, 5k and 1 mile bicycle races. The new knee made it all possible. Thank you Dr. Luks for a great job.

~ K.M.

March 2009

Since you were my doctor, you already know how well I have done since December when you did both of my knee replacements. I would have written sooner, but my recovery was so fast that I went back to work less than two months after my operations. You were right from the start about taking the therapy very seriously — proper therapy is the key to a speedy recovery! You did a fantastic job also. I think I need to mention this little fact: being a man over three hundred pounds, many doctors would have been skeptical about doing one knee for me, let alone two. I want to thank you for having the confidence in me to follow your directions. I am blessed to have my legs back. I can now do so much without pain — I cannot begin to tell you how I feel. As I continue to lose weight, my levels of activity have increased and I feel great. Thank you again and again. You have given me my life back.

~ Dennis D., Westchester, New York


January 2009

Six years ago I was fortunate to have been advised to see Dr. Luks after I was involved in a car accident. At that time I was treated and ultimately had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, with great results. Subsequently, due to arthritis, I have had total replacements to both knees. I actually didn’t realize how much pain I really endured until after my surgeries. It is so wonderful to be able to walk up and down the stairs step over step instead of one at a time and to sleep all night because I am totally pain free. I have been doing Aquatic exercises since my first knee replacement in 2004 and after my last sugery in May 2008 I was back in the pool in less than 8 weeks. Due to other medical problems I had that long span between surgeries, but Dr. Luks always treated my pain and made me as comfortable as possible. He is a man of great integrity and knowledge, and I thank him with all my heart!!!!!!!


October 2008

On Sunday, May 11 of this year, I decided to help my friend, James Ewing, paint the second floor of his roof. Neither one of us was aware of a very large wasp nest located in a light fixture. It wasn’t long before they were aware of us! My friend Jim ran one way, I the other! I had much less roof than he did, so I landed on a secondary roof, then fell 11 feet to the concrete patio breaking my upper left arm in about 5 places.

To the Mexican emergency room I went, received an x-ray confirming the fracture. The Ortho Specialist, Dr. Raul Ballencia, who I’ve seen many times while I’m on the island, said, “You need to go back to New York because you will need surgery.” Not the news I wanted to hear, but I flew back the next day into Kennedy Airport. The day after that I went to see Dr. G. Chiaramonte, who told my I had a very bad break and that I might not be able to work again as a police officer. Not ready for retirement yet, I was referred to Dr. Howard Luks at Westchester Medical Center. There was an instant trust there, and being my first surgery, that was very important to me. I informed Dr. Luks of my situation with my police work and told him of my recent promotion to Lieutenant and how important it was for me to continue with my profession. Dr. Luks said he would do the best that he could to save my arm, which I strongly believed.

On May 28 I went into surgery, not knowing what my outcome would be. I awoke late that night still not knowing, but was soon visited by Dr. Luks. I was informed by more than one hospital personnel that Dr. Luks went above and beyond to save my arm, to be able to have the motion I needed to go back to work. It was a 5-hour surgery and Dr. Luks had decided to remove the fractured bones and replace them with a piece of leg bone (from a bone bank), attach that to the “ball” of the upper arm, and place a plate with 11 screws.

The results, after intense physical therapy with Craig Squire, PT,DPT of Therapy in Motion of Hyde Park, I was back to work as a police officer. I still go to physical therapy for strength training, but I’m back to work. How does one thank that kind of dedication to their profession … I still don’t know.


October 2008

I am now 6 months post-op and can’t believe my life.

How terrific I feel!! Over the past four years I have had two miniscus surgeries, my right knee total replacement and my left knee partial (uni) replacement. All this due to injury. I am an avid tennis player and thought I would never be able to play again. I am now playing a few times a week.

From the first time I met you, Dr. Luks, I immediately felt comfortable and very much at ease. You tell it like it is and are not an alarmist.

I no longer take using my legs (walking, climbing stairs, playing with my grandchildren, etc.) for granted. Your magical hands and knowledge have given me a pain-free life.




September 2008

Dr. Howard has had a huge impact on my life — really. When I had an ACL tear, my first doctor spent one minute before declaring that I needed complete ACL reconstruction! Dr. Howard spent ample time looking at my injury, understanding my lifestyle objectives and work-related needs, and told me that I was better off with Physical Therapy to start with.
After 6 weeks of therapy, he analyzed my recovery and said that I might not need surgery after all. It is because of Dr. Howard that I still have faith in the U.S. healthcare system and I love working in this industry!!

Best Regards,
~ V., Florham Park, NJ


August 2008

Dear Dr. Luks,

I feel blessed to have found you. I suffered debilitating pain in both knees and one elbow, which dramatically reduced the quality of my life. In three separate surgeries over the past four years, you have completely fixed those problems and given me back a fully pain-free active life.

That alone would be reason enough to be grateful.

At my first appointment, you took the time to listen patiently to all my complaints and descriptions of my aches and pains, and then explained clearly and understandably what my options were (both surgically and not) and what outcomes I could reasonably expect from each. From then to now, I never felt rushed, I never felt talked down to, I always felt I was given the time and opportunity to ask every question I could think of, and left feeling optimistic. Remarkably, in four years, I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes past my scheduled appointment time before seeing you.

Your compassion, expertise, and professionalism were evident again at the hospital, and in the post-surgical follow-up, and in every other appointment and surgery that followed.

For anyone who thinks all surgeons are egotistical, cut-happy, impatient, assembly-line cold fish, I hope they have the great luck to meet you. Everyone hopes their surgeon is extremely skilled and you are absolutely that. But you are also warm, compassionate, articulate, patient, and considerate. That’s an unbeatable combination for any doctor and in my experience, EXTREMELY rare in a surgeon.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to give me back a pain-free, active life.

~ N. D.

June, 2008

Dear Dr. Luks,
I had put off knee replacement for years because of my apprehension about pain, poor results, and lack of information. My activities had been significantly curtailed and I felt discouraged a lot of the time. I finally decided to visit you to get informed about my options. What a lucky day for me.
You made everything so clear, showed me pictures of my knee and normal knees, and demonstrated what the replacement would involve. I immediately felt comfortable and confident that I would be in capable hands with you.
Today, I am 5 months post-op and can do all the things that were beyond me for so long. I have great leg motion and “bend” to my knee. I can only say that I wish we had met each other five years ago. Thank you and thank you, Dr. Luks.
~ F. C.

June 24, 2008

Dear Dr. Luks:

WOW! What a fabulous website! A fabulous attitude, too, and a hopeful and hope-filled initial consult you had with me today. I’m impressed, and I truly feel that I did get lucky — considering the fiasco with another doctor who initially examined (only) my left knee, and then wrote up my surgery for the right (WRONG!) one, which he hadn’t even examined! THIS is as complete a reversal as it gets! Thank you God, thank you Dr. Luks! It was my good fortune to have met you, and I shall now, as you recommended, first pursue getting those veins taken care of on my LEFT leg, and then proceed with the knee replacement you have recommended for that same leg.
Thank you, again SO much, and please be assured that I AM a patient who WILL do the “work” necessary to get through this — in record time, I hope.


June 17, 2008

Saw your name on the Tiger Woods discussion, so I just thought I should say hello. You reattached my ruptured bicep tendon in December of 2000 when I was living in Westchester. Eight years later it is still doing great … lifting weights, throwing baseballs and lifting cold beverages! Thank you for the excellent job. I hope you are well and happy as I am.
~ L.K.


Synvisc, Orthovisc, Euflexxa Testimonial

For years I had been walking around with knee discomfort, and I was starting to avoid some activities. After enduring aches and pains, I finally decided it was time to do something about it because I knew it was only getting worse. During my initial appointment with Dr. Luks he listened carefully to my complaints and looked at the x-rays of my knees. We had a discussion about my lifestyle and then he described the choices I had, recommending injections of euflexxa, which would alleviate the pain that was occurring when I walked. While I was anxious about the injections, Dr. Luks explained in detail what would happen. It was relatively mild and I can’t believe the difference.
After the three injections that he recommended, I found myself walking up and down steps pain-free. I returned to walking two to three miles for exercise. Mornings were no longer filled with slow movements, trying to get my knees to work. I get right out of bed and begin my daily activities without even thinking about how I will get through them. Although I understand this is not a cure-all, I can honestly say my quality of life has improved significantly and I gladly approach gardening, hiking and golf without fear.

April, 2008

I work as a general contractor and my livelihood was in jeopardy when I was no longer able to lift my arm. I went to Dr. Luks as a second opinion for possible rotator cuff surgery.

Upon meeting Dr. Luks and having the injury thoroughly explained along with the treatment course, I felt confident with the level of expertise that he demonstrated. Having been so impressed with the consult, I booked the surgery before leaving the office.

My post-operative experience was remarkable, because the pain was minimal to none.

Dr. Howard Luks’ expertise has provided me the ability to return to work, keep up with my grandchildren, and get back to my golf game.

Not only is Dr. Luks an exceptional surgeon, his genuine personality makes him stand out above the rest.

~ P.L., Hawthorne NY

I have been through a great deal with the help of Dr. Luks over the past three years, and I wouldn’t go to any other doctor because of my great experiences with him. Dr. Luks is a wonderful doctor with a vast knowledge of sports medicine. He takes an interest in every one of his patients, not just the ones with major or uncommon injuries. He strives to get all of his patients back to 100 percent activiity level — or as close as possible. I have been through four total surgeries with Dr. Luks. Each time I was injured, I called his office to make an appointment to see Dr. Luks and I was always seen within a few days so as to minimize my level of discomfort from the injury. After each surgery, I always had questions about whether I was doing things right for my recovery and I needed to ask Dr. Luks what to do. He was always very prompt about helping me so that I could be as comfortable as possible after the surgeries and during the recovery period afterward.

In the summer of 2005, I injured my AC joint in my left shoulder and Dr. Luks took great care of me. I had an arthroscopic surgery and I was back sailing with my sailing team in just a few short weeks. In the winter of 2006, I was in a hockey accident and I dislocated my patella, tore out a chunk of cartilage from underneath my patella, and tore a few ligaments inside the knee. I had three surgeries. The first was shortly after the injury to repair the ligaments, the second a few months later to implant the newly grown cartilage, and the third a year later to clean some excess cartilage out. Dr. Luks did an amazing job at fixing my knee. I can run around with my dog again, and I am back in the boat again sailing with my college sailing team. I am still recovering a year and a half after the injury, because cartilage takes so long to heal, but I am doing great with the help of Dr. Luks.

Any time I have questions, I can call or email him, and I always get a very prompt response, and he is always interested in not just the progress of my knee, but how I am doing sailing and in school as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Luks to anyone who has an injury that Dr. Luks can help with. He has helped my immensely and I’m sure he will take just as good care of you as he has with me.

~ Tim H (19), College Sailor

Five years ago I was 16 years old and visiting New York from Woodbury,Tennessee and while on vacation I was involved in a snowmobile accident where I broke my left femur, tibia, and fibula. I had a compound fracture with my tibia and was rushed to a small town hospital and there they realized it was too complicated and sent me to Westchester Medical about an hour away. I will always feel very fortunate that Dr. Luks was the doctor on call that night, especially since it was late at night. I had lost so much blood from the accident, but because of religious reasons I chose not to accept blood. With such a complication, Dr. Luks respected my wishes and still chose to go ahead with the surgery. I had emergency surgery and 2 rods and 5 pins placed from my left hip to my left ankle. I was put in the hospital for 13 days, and a couple in ICU, because of my blood counts and for physical therapy. Dr Luks did not let me sit, he had physical therapists in my room right away, and even through all the tears and all the pain I am so appreciative that he never gave up. He was always there to visit me, to encourage me, and to keep me fighting.

A month later I left for TN and visited an orthopedist locally; he was very smart but he wasn’t Dr. Luks. Every month I would have x-rays taken for progress and about 4 months later there was not much healing. The doctor here wanted to take out the lower rod and replace it with a bigger one, but I kept in touch and asked Dr. Luks for a second opinion, where he was very confident of a simple procedure of taking out the 2 pins in the tibia along with weight bearing and it would start healing in no time.

I traveled back up to NY for 3 more surgeries in the next 3 years. The second surgery he removed 2 pins and worked on my achilles tendon which had in a sense “frozen.” The third surgery he removed one pin from my knee and then took my dad in for meniscal tear back to back, and the fourth surgery, which was in November 2006, he removed the last pin from my knee. I have never had another surgeon and if I were to have another orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Luks would be the one I choose. Absolutely amazing bedside manners and just a great person to have working on your side.

I will always appreciate and respect Dr. Luks for making me able to walk again. Every year on the date I will always remember what was done for me, and because of Dr. Luks and the accident I am now in the medical field as an x-ray technician and working in the ER with the same patients I once was. I’ll always be greatful!

After three reconstructive knee surgeries and seeing four specialists (all of whom left me discouraged and crying after every visit), I had almost given up on Western medicine all together. That was until Dr. Howard Luks miraculously appeared in my life. When I went to see him, he patiently listened to my story, looked at the scans of my knee (or as we liked to call them “Swiss cheese”), gave me his signature cool grin and said calmly, “I can do this for you, your knee will be fine.” And it was.

I couldn’t believe that after all I had been through with such a complex bone graft and ACL surgery, that Dr. Luks made it look as easy as changing a lightbulb. My knee has healed perfectly and I have started to run for the first time in 8 years. I have never met a doctor with such class, warm bedside manner, and professionalism. Dr. Luks is someone I have trusted with my life and career as a massage therapist and I’ll tell anyone who will listen to go see him! He is absolutely the best orthopedic medicine has to offer, and his opinions and experience always leave me confident that he is doing the right thing for my body. I only regret I did not know this amazing doctor for the first surgery I ever needed.

~ K.D., Mount Kisco NY

I know I am sending off this email at the risk of you thinking I am becoming your next stalker (but I swear I am not). I just feel I have to tell you that when I left your office yesterday I totally understood why as soon as I mentioned my shoulder pain to my primary care doctor, he literally whipped your business card out of his wallet and said, “You have to go see Howard Luks, you will REALLY like him!”

As I left your office yesterday I wanted to climb the nearest mountain (which I was surrounded by) and tell the world “You WILL really like him!” I can’t help being impressed with your passion for what you do and the manner in which you do it. That is why I left your office yesterday completely confident that I went to the right person to fix my shoulder. Now if I can just get over my fear of the general anesthesia! Thanks for being true to who you are.

~ S.V., Orange County, NY

Dr. Howard Luks is simultaneously the most caring and the most professional doctor I have ever had. While caring about the patient’s comfort and needs, he assesses each pain and question quickly and exactly, while explaining every detail. I am an athlete and first visited Dr. Luks at age 14 with a strained MCL and have continuously been treated by him for several other athletic injuries over the past 4 years. He has always been careful to prescribe rest or physical therapy as the first course of treatment when appropriate. He has performed an ACL reconstruction, two meniscus repairs, removal of scar tissue, and a surgery for compartment syndrome — and he has given me hope and confidence with every treatment. Each surgery has been successful and I have been pleased with how each surgery has gone — and the rehab following each surgery. At each visit, he is truly concerned with the progress of my knee and my overall health. I am extremely pleased with the results and grateful to have such a wonderful doctor.

~ S.Q., Weschester, NY

When I first consulted Dr. Luks, I had swelling and pain in my left knee. From the onset I trusted his judgment and skill. He was patient and caring. I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years, and I really appreciate a physician who makes time to teach and offer non-invasive treatments. So when I needed rotator cuff surgery I wouldn’t consider any other physician. In my opinion on a scale from 1-10 Dr. Luks is a definite 10-plus.

~ JoAnn D., Dutchess County NY