Much has been said about the power of email, portals or the plethora of text based reminders or apps that notify you of a goal that has been or needs to be achieved. While we’re not sure these apps or platforms will survive their Series A…

What lies deep beneath these platforms and applications is the process of communications.

  • Proper communications between healthcare providers improves patient care
  • Proper communications among providers and patients increases likelihood that the instructions will be followed. 
  • Proper bidirectional communication ensures you are treated as a person and not a disease. 
  • Proper communications encourages patients to be their own best chance of success. 
  • Proper communications aids in ensuring a surgical success. 
  • Proper communication prevents surgical errors. 
  • Proper communications prevents medical errors. 
  • Proper communications among the care team improves patient care delivery, and …
  • Proper communication enhances the working environment to improve productivity, job satisfaction and the overall working relationship of the team.

What are you waiting for? 

Go out there and talk to someone!  

If I have left something out… put it in a comment please 🙂