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Howard J. Luks, MD

Howard J. Luks, MD

A Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Hawthorne, NY. Dr. Howard Luks specializes in the treatment of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle. He has a very "social" patient centric approach and believes that the more you understand about your issue, the more informed your decisions will be. Ultimately your treatments and his recommendations will be based on proper communications, proper understanding, and shared decision-making principles – all geared to improve your quality of life.

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  • Great points, Howard! How ARE you, by the way?

    Open communication with the sharing of information extends even beyond the clinical setting. Communicating is a must for the clinician and the health care institution. When that patient goes to do their research, are they finding the information from another clinician or health care institution or are you sharing so much valuable information, that the patient considers you as their source for the educational information they’re seeking? Think about it! Who’s educating your patients?

  • Dr. Luks,

    I agree with all of your points regarding effective communication. We cannot lose sight of the importance of human communication (however mediated) in clinical settings.

    The nexus of technology and health communication has created great opportunity but also presents some difficult quandaries relating to data sharing & ownership, patient participation, privacy, etc.

    I recently wrote a blog post explaining why I believe pursuing advanced education in digital health communication may be a worthwhile endeavor.


    Thank you,

    Jeff Riggins
    Drury University

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