Your legacy as a Physician in the world of healthcare and social media…. 

At its heart, digital media is currently about people, it is about relationships, and it is about communication.   Establishing  a social media presence is about educating, engaging and growing your audience, improving outcomes, compliance and potentially the bottom line of your practice.


You have spent decades not only educating yourself, but educating thousands upon thousands of patients, students, colleagues, and ancillary healthcare providers. The experiences that you have had have shaped your existence as a physician for decades. That experience that you possess is what guides you and your actions — and ultimately benefits your patients. You’ve learned how to incorporate knowledge into your clinical practice —- and based on your experience determine how best to treat the patient who lies before you.

You’ve done a wonderful job and now it’s time to move on – – – what will will your legacy be?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the future sharing of your knowledge and experience ended when you took down your shingle?  

Wouldn’t it be absolutely phenomenal if hundreds of thousands of people and potential patients could benefit from your wealth of knowledge and experience for generations to come?

 Still think there is no place for social media in healthcare?