I appreciated his honesty and accurate assessment of my medical problem. When I called back after getting home, he actually came to the phone and answered additional questions.

~Ina N.

Dr. Luks speaks to you in a language you can understand while demonstrating your test results on a large screen monitor. This made it very clear as to what the problem was. The treatment he recommended was also clear and concise. I highly recommend him!

~Raymond S.

Dr. Luks is the best physician I have ever met. He saved me from having an unnecessary procedure done on my right knee, and has a tailored treatment plan for my left knee. I would not trust my knees to anyone else. He is kind, caring, and has your best interests at heart!!

~Terri N.

The staff keeps everything moving quickly & the establishment is technologically savvy. Everything is done by tablet, so all employees are given the same information. Dr. Luks has a comfort about him that helps you and makes you feel at ease.

~Elizabeth P.

Incredible to meet with an Orthopedic surgeon whose doesn’t immediately suggest surgery. I had a been told previously by another orthopedist that surgery was the only option. Dr. Luks walked me through the MRI images of my rotator cuff and explained what was causing the pain, the extent of the damage and a series of options I had prior to/or instead of surgery. He eliminated a number of myths and misconceptions I had about what had caused the problem and how the shoulder worked (something that previous docs had never taken the time to do.)

~Judith N.

Dr. Luks had been recommended by a friend who said that he is not only a good doctor but a nice guy. One of the best appointments I’ve ever had.

~Leonard M.

He was amazing. He has excellent bedside manners. Previous to Dr. Luks, I consulted with another hand specialist who saw me for 45 seconds. I then decided to see what I like calling a “real doctor.” Dr. Luks was caring and listened to my concerns. Excellent consultation with Dr. Luks! I wish more doctors were like him! I highly recommend him.

~Maureen G.

Dr. Luks is the best!!! I have been a patient for years; he takes the time to explain stuff to you, he is very understanding, remembers your past history, and is very compassionate about your concerns even if they seem silly. I recommend Dr.Luks to anyone who is looking for a good orthopedic.

~Sue S.

Ten months ago Dr. Luks performed a bilateral knee replacement operation on my mother who is 84 years old. She had severe arthritis on both knees and was in continuous pain.

The quality of her life has taken a wonderful turn for the better thanks to Dr. Luks expertise.

Furthermore, Dr. Luks is a compassionate human being and is extremely sensitive to a patient’s, emotional needs. His kindness also extended to me. After each operation, he sat with me for a good half hour and explained in great detail how the operations progressed.

I highly recommend Dr. Luks as an expert in his field and a perfect gentleman.

~Lazaro E. Padron Antonia C. Fernandez

I figured it was a shot in the dark, but I would email Dr. Luks with our issues and see what happened. Honestly, I never expected to get a response, but Dr. Luks responded via email to me the next day and encouraged us to make the surgeon listen or get a second opinion. Dr. Luks knew since we lived in Missouri we would not be able to see him, so he was not making any money off of us. He was sincere and has not only emailed me once but two more times out of concern for my husband. We NEED more doctors like Dr. Luks who actually care about patients and not about the ultimate dollar.

~Stacy Chastain

Dr. Luks and University Orthopedists are a terrific team of caring, skilled medical professionals that give patients their undivided, focused attention with one goal in mind, to make you well again. I am so grateful for the compassionate, knowledgeable care Dr. Luks provided. He is truly the hero that rescued me from a terrible year of chronic pain and diminished lifestyle. I recommend him with the absolute highest regard.

~Camille Vining

I just have to say… my Dr visits are nothing but great. So if you are thinking about any orthopedic- related matters, don’t look any further. Stop right here and call Dr. Luks

~David Della Sciucca

I had several good discussions with Dr. Luks about the condition of my knees and when I should consider getting the replacements. He was very reassuring and explained that the x-rays don’t show when the time is right, that the patient will know. There was no rush to surgery if other methods still provide relief.

I am very impressed with Dr. Luks professionalism, knowledge, skills, and demeanor, and I highly recommend him to anyone with knee problems. He truly is an expert in his field.

Thank you!

~Neil N.

All I can say is whoever has been fortunate enough to have found Dr. Luks has found a gold mine. It is no small wonder that Dr. Luks has been “recognized by US News and World Report as one of the Top Sports Medicine Doctors in the United States.” Dr. Luks message is quite simple: read and learn. I would personally urge everyone to do so.   

~Gareth Paul Betts

Dr. Luks represents a new era of physicians who recognize that individuals experiencing medical problems wish to have all information available that will help them decide a course of action among available options. Ultimately, one must be responsible for one’s own health care. Dr. Luks’ web-based approach, and willingness to make himself and his medical expertise available, encourages patients to take this responsibility for themselves. Dr. Luks’ approach and philosophy are perfect examples of the phrase from the Hippocratic Oath – “Primum non nocere” (first, do no harm). He truly is a Renaissance physician. Thanks, Dr. Luks.

~John King