In this video Dr Jeff Berg and myself will review the topic of SLAP lesions or SLAP tears.  This is a very controversial area in the Sports Medicine community.  A SLAP lesion implies that you have torn the top or the superior part of the labrum in your shoulder.  The labrum is a cartilage disc inside the shoulder.  SLAP lesions are common in overhead athletes due to chronic repetitive stress. But SLAP lesions are also considered a normal consequence of aging.   This makes the decision of whether or not a SLAP tear requires treatment a little difficult.  In this video Jeff and I take you through some of the current thoughts and trends on how to manage these common labral tears.  For those who prefer to read… this post reviews the topic of SLAP lesions well.  

This video on SLAP lesions will cover who is at risk for developing a SLAP lesion.  The video will also discuss our thinking when we are trying to determine if the SLAP lesion is a possible cause of your pain.





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Howard J. Luks, MD

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