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Every day many more healthcare professionals are deciding to establish a new media presence. Without proper consideration or guidance  you may find the time spent is not helping you achieve the goals you thought were possible.  Google rules the roost … content is king.  For that content to survive an ever-downward moving stream out of social consciousness, should you present your content in a healthcare related Facebook or Blog post? 

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Although I’m not a huge fan of many of the infographics out there — this one by Patricia Redsicker of Word View Editing, caught my eye.

Many physician, hospital and other health care clients want a Facebook page… they shun the thought of a blog because they fear that they will not possess the time necessary to keep their content up to date and dynamic enough to attract an audience.   

Although the concept of my 41st Patient strategy assist many overcome those initial fears… many remain unconvinced and still want to start with a Facebook page .   

Initial considerations:

  • Start with a concrete offline strategy outlining your online objectives
  • How many digital properties will you HONESTLY be able to manage?
  • Consider starting with a blog so you have content to share on Facebook and Twitter, etc. 
Why initiate a healthcare social media presence with a blog?
  • Patients are searching for YOU on the internet
  • Those results will reveal your website and it’s content. 
  • Patients will be on your site and they’ll see your blog … they may not want to go to Facebook.
  • Your content will remain on your blog and remain searchable … by Google (SEO) and Patients
  • Your content stream on Facebook will disappear and quickly become nearly irrelevant
  • Facebook posts are not indexed by Google
  • Properly constructed healthcare content lives forever in a blog format. 
Blogging basics for beginners
  • Keep it short, simple, use pictures and graphics and bullet lists.  
  • It is not difficult to populate a blog with meaningful content.  Use your dictatphone, transcribe it and load it up (although you may need some SEO, internal linking, tagging, etc advice
  • When your medical website is established, your content is plentiful and your blog is populated — and you are ready —->
    • Establish a Twitter account
    • Establish a Facebook Page
  • …And share your content.  

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5 Responses to “Facebook or Blog …. Healthcare and Social Media”

  1. Reply Marie Ennis-O'Connor (@JBBC) says:

    Great points here Howard. I can understand that some may find it tempting to forgo blogging and just tweet and go on Facebook as a social media communications strategy. When clients ask me why go to the bother of setting up a blog, I tell them firstly for SEO reasons – Google loves blogs; secondly blogging builds trust and authority and thirdly blogging shows your commitment and passion to your field. From a PR professional view, I can stand by these claims, and even more so from a patient advocacy standpoint, I can point to the medics who I trust and turn to because of their authority and passion evidenced by their commitment to blogging.

  2. Reply Mitch Mitchell says:

    The points before the infographic are the correct ones. Physicians should have both a blog and a Facebook page. The Facebook page seems to encourage people in some areas to comment more and thus ask questions more than on a blog. However, a blog’s benefit is twofold. One, it helps with SEO, which benefits the overall website, and two, it’s a much quicker way to get information out to the masses. It’s something where, if your competitor isn’t doing it, gives you a chance to gain a major advantage.

    • Reply Howard J. Luks, MD says:

      Thanks Mitch,
      When I consult with groups I always talk about the importance of building a home base or foundation of content (for educational, SEO, etc purposes) and then to use various social channels to push the content and broaden their reach. After their content library etc is built I then suggest we work on their Facebook page to enable them to try and build out a community of interested followers and keep the conversation “alive”, more engaging and perhaps more “social”. I also believe that one of the primary goals of my use of various channels (especially video) is to humanize my presence and my practice … A FB presence enables me to keep that humanizing aspect of my presence alive and moving forward… or so I hope :-)

      nice chatting with you… thanks for stopping by.

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