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At its heart, digital media is about people, it is about relationships, and it is about communication. Establishing a digital footprint, rooted as a social media presence is about educating, engaging and growing your audience, improving outcomes, compliance and potentially the bottom line of your practice.


Why doctors should establish a social media digital footprint in healthcare:

  • Establishing a social media (digital) presence is rapidly becoming a necessity for healthcare professionals, medical practices, and institutions.  Many have recognized this fact… yet many more have not.
  • Doctors who recognize this need seek leadership, guidance, and best practice examples
  • Truly useful tactical how-to’s and guidelines are lacking
  • Human beings are innately social, health is social,  health care is NOT social —and this needs to change —
  • Experienced physicians possess an enormous repository of knowledge and experience – why not share that with a wider audience?  


At its heart, digital media is about people, it is about relationships, and it is about communication.  


Some simple undisputed facts about social media and technology.

  • 50% of the world’s population is under 30.
  • They do not communicate via e-mail or telephone.
  • Generation Y and generation Z consider e-mail passé.
  • The fastest growing segment on Facebook is women over 55 years of age.
  • SMS, direct messaging, micro-blogging and digital media is fast becoming the chosen communication standard.
  • Drug/Medical related “Likes” on Facebook have skyrocketed.

50% of the mobile Internet traffic in most countries is for Facebook. One on five patients flock to Facebook for healthcare information.  Imagine what this means for a bad patient experience?  The world has gone digital —social media is here to stay.  1+ billion people simply cannot be wrong. 85% of people log onto their Facebook account every single day.


Are your patients talking about you? And, most importantly, do you KNOW what they are saying?

When patients search online — on the platforms THEY choose — are they finding your content or information about your practice? 

Do you understand the Healthcare Digital Media Landscape?

Do you understand the value propositions of establishing a social media digital footprint in the healthcare space?

Simply put, social networking and digital technology enables individuals, physicians, hospitals, and patients to create online profiles and connect with one another.  Perhaps most relevant to the physicians and healthcare professionals are that many of these patients are researching their providers and their respective institutions prior to their visit to your office —  they are checking your “online” reputation, and the message or image you portray.


You can’t control the conversation but you can be a part of it, and you have 100% control over YOUR message. 

Take a look at the Inforgraphic below…. This is taking place in a single minute — every minute — of most everyday within the digital world….

Still think it’s a passing fad? Healthcare only lags the Oil Refinery Industry in terms of its social media presence and participation.

Still think you do not need to establish some form of digital  presence on the healthcare social media stage?

—Think again — 


Healthcare Social Media Digital Footprint By: Shanghai Web Designers