… do not ignore it.   



Pediatric Shoulder and Elbow Pain…. 

Is your little athlete complaining of shoulder or elbow pain? 
Most children do not suffer from the same problems that adults do… tendonitis, etc. Their skeletons are growing and the “growth plates” that enable growth are susceptible to injury — and some of those injuries can have serious long term consequences. 

Pitch counts exist for a reason…. 

Obey those pitch counts… http://goo.gl/Ak1KE … and see your doctor if the pain persists more than a few days.


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Howard J. Luks, MD

Howard J. Luks, MD

A Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Hawthorne, NY. Dr. Howard Luks specializes in the treatment of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle. He has a very "social" patient centric approach and believes that the more you understand about your issue, the more informed your decisions will be. Ultimately your treatments and his recommendations will be based on proper communications, proper understanding, and shared decision-making principles – all geared to improve your quality of life.