On Sunday November 29th,  Jimmy Graham of the Seattle Seahawks suffered a patella tendon tear.

The press was all over it.  Mr Graham was an active part of the offense keeping Seattle’s playoff chances alive.

People needed more information … where did they turn?

Within 10 minutes, 2500 came to this site, for more information about patella tendon tears and the treatment that would end the season for Mr Graham.

Jimmy Graham Patella Tendon By the end of the evening … more than 4,000 people found the patella tendon page on my site.  They now understood the severity and the time commitment it would take to return from this severe injury.


Jimmy Graham patella tendon


That traffic carried through to Monday, November 30th where another 3,500 people came to read more about patella tendon tears and the end of the season for Jimmy Graham.

As healthcare professionals, we may not be able to control the conversation, but we absolutely should be a part of it.  By publishing meaningful content we help ourselves by fostering our relevance and we assist our patients by improving their understanding and clearing the windshield of doubt.


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Howard J. Luks, MD

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