Is running the happiness miracle?

It sure does come close to being the perfect outlet.  It’s inexpensive, easy to find a place to do it, and running properly is fairly simple to learn.

The skeptics, the procrastinators, those who are “too busy” … you know who you are. You are the ones who need to keep reading. Once you discover the rush and sense of accomplishment, you will always find time to run.    The benefits of running just keep on giving. You can (usually) count on…

  • Living longer
  • decreasing arthritis risk
  • lessen risk of diabetes
  • Improves mental health
  • Probably diminishes cancer risk … and
  • You will just feel great — when its done :-)

The reason you feel great is that running releases endorphins.  Yes, endorphins mask pain, but they also make you feel wonderful at the completion of your run.  We all need something that brings us back… something to look forward to.  Most golfers are awful … but it’s that one shot you had on 16 brings you back for another 18.  That’s the same high and incentive you get from running.

runningYes, most runners have some pain while running.  Some have more. Few have none.  But it’s the feeling we get at the end of the run that drives us. Here are some tips on common running injuries and how to avoid them.  

To get yourself up and out 5 days a week, many will need a gentle nudge at first.  Nike+ and other apps provide just that.  They also provide you with a place to store your power songs to play during those tough runs. Nike+ enables you to find your friends and you will feel the need to keep up or keep ahead of them.  If you’re just starting … the key it to stay with it. Start slow and low (mileage) and build it up.  Before you know it you will be logging 3-5 mile long runs and feeling … well… like you can’t wait for your next run.

Your pace doesn’t matter … as a matter of fact, slow and easy wins the race and minimizes your risk of injury.  Slow and easy will build your cardio-pulmonary system better than running hard.

Running first thing in the morning is great for shaking our the cobwebs, getting a big energy boost to start the day, and think through how you’re going to approach the rest of the day.

Getting out on the road after a long hard day at work may sound just awful … but it might be just what the doctor ordered.  All those little daily annoyances that have built up will slide to the side as your power songs drive you further on the run.  At the end, the rush of running will enable you to be home with a sense of calm and a sense of accomplishment.  As a start up advisor and board member, many of my greatest ideas have come to me while pounding the pavement.  Lucky enough to live near a large park … trail runs rock.  Take some time to soak up the surroundings.

I could linger and keep going on.  There’s many reasons to run.  Looking after #1 should be the main reason.  You will like the effects, your spouse will like the effects and your children will have you around a bit longer.

So stop reading … grab your running shoes and head outside!



One caveat … if you have any serious medical issues … talk to your doctor first about whether or not running is right for you!


Disclaimer:  this information is for your education and should not be considered medical advice regarding diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Some links on this page may be affiliate links. Read the full disclaimer.

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Howard J. Luks, MD

Howard J. Luks, MD

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