Choosing the right ACL graft for you is important.  There are many tissues or grafts available to use to reconstruct or rebuild your ACL from.  

ACL surgery is commonplace today.  One of the choices you will have to make is with regards to which graft to use to replace your ACL with during surgery.  Which ACL graft should you choose?  Does it make a difference?  The bottom line is that your choice of graft can have a very significant impact with regards to your risk of reinjury.  Some ACL grafts fail more often than others.  Which graft might be best for your ACL surgery?  The video below should help shed some light on this.

Successful ACL surgery can allow an athlete to return to sports.  The graft you choose for your new ACL can affect your risk of reinjury.  AS such, one of the most critical choices you and your ACL surgeon will need to make is:

Which Graft To Use For Your ACL Surgery

In this video,  I have a candid discussion about which graft you might want to consider for your ACL surgery.  Your choices include cadaver (allograft) grafts or your own tissue (autograft).  One of these two choices has a much higher failure rate.  When is it appropriate to consider cadaver grafts versus your own tissue?

Enjoy the video… feel free to suggest topics for future videos.


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