Social Media and Medicine

Social and digital media empowers your ability to learn and share information like never before. Statistics reveal that 85 % of patients are utilizing Google to research their disease, and their physicians. Because of this, many  patients are far better prepared when they enter their doctor’s office.

Human beings are innately social. Health is social. 1+ Billion users on Facebook can’t all be wrong.

Patients are more knowledgeable, engaged, and better prepared for their Orthopedic appointments. They expect and demand a far higher level of engagement from their doctors.

Knee and shoulder injuries are increasing in frequency. Treatment techniques for your sports medicine needs are changing rapidly too.  As Orthopedic Surgery research evolves, my approach to treating you must evolve. That process is at the heart of an academic approach.

I am proud to use shared decision making and informed choice principles to educate you not only about your injury, but to determine a treatment plan that takes into account your desires, quality of life and values.

I’m excited to be one of the top 100 influencers in the social media space.

Orthopedic Surgery 2.0

People are more active then ever before. You place incredible demands on your body… and you have no desire to stop. You want to stay in the game. Orthopedic treatments for common injuries such as ACL Tears, Rotator Cuff Tears, Shoulder Dislocations and Meniscus Tears have evolved significantly over the last decade.   Keeping you informed, engaged and in the game is my focus. Over 85 percent of you look to the internet for information on your injury and your doctor. Hopefully this site goes a long way in addressing your questions!  We are entering a value-driven healthcare model, and leaving the volume driven model behind.  Values are a powerful driver of human behavior. Your values, goals and desires have never before played such a key role in the treatment decision process.

Orthopedic Info


Experience the difference when your doctor treats you as a person and not as an MRI finding




Aside from the information available about common Orthopedic and Sports Medicine conditions, you will also find a regularly updated Sports Medicine blog. The sports medicine blog and other educational sections will keep you abreast of the latest research about your meniscus tear, rotator cuff tear, ACL tear and other knee and shoulder related Orthopedic Surgery issues.

I’m here to treat you as a person, not as a diagnostic code.

Welcome. We’re pleased that you keep us in mind for your Orthopedic Surgery needs.

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