Do all ACL tears require surgery?

Do All ACL Tears Require Surgery? No. Many ACL tears do not require surgery and can be managed non-operatively. Many factors go into the decision-making process to determine if you require ACL surgery. Some patients have … continue reading

What is a Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction?

The native ACL is made up of two bundles; the anteromedial bundle and the posterolateral bundle. Over the last 20+ years surgeons have been reconstructing only the anteromedial bundle. Why? Good Question. We did not … continue reading

Does Stretching Prevent Injury?

The debate continues — does stretching diminish the risk of injury? The NY Times published a piece recently on the “Right Reason to Stretch”.  If you read through to the end… the bottom line is, … continue reading

I have Arthritis in my knee….what are my options?

Osteoarthritis of the knee is responsible for a significant amount of suffering and disability.  Millions of Americans suffer from Osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis is simply the loss of cartilage from the end of your bones.  That cartilage … continue reading

What are my knee replacement options?

One of the most promising techniques is managing your arthritis knee pain before you need to have a knee replacement. A very new procedure has given many arthritis pain sufferers up to 6-8 years of … continue reading