Why is My Knee Swollen?

A swollen knee can be caused by an injury, overuse, or an underlying disease. When your knee swells, it is due to fluid building up in or around the knee. It is sometimes referred to … continue reading

Meniscus Tears in Children

Meniscus tears in children are relatively common due to sports.  Many of those meniscus tears will heal spontaneously over 4-6 weeks after the injury.  Certain meniscus tears in children will require surgery. The meniscus is … continue reading

What Is An MCL Tear?

MCL or medial collateral ligament injuries of the knee are a relatively common injury.  The MCL is one of the most commonly torn ligaments around the knee.  The vast majority of knee MCL tears will … continue reading

ACL Tears in Somers NY Athletes

Somers is a wonderful little town in Northern Westchester, NY.  I have enjoyed many evenings and weekends sitting on the sidelines, or helping out on the soccer fields.  Sitting there as a parent and as … continue reading