The grandeur and spectacle which is the Olympics effects each of us in many different ways.  Some of us remember our own doomed, yet valiant efforts to become an Olympian, some live vicariously through the lives of a friend, co-competitor or family member as they step onto the Olympic stage.   This guest post by Thomas Lee brings to light another very touching way that the Olympics has vastly affected a man’s life.  

Sports AS Medicine


Sports as medicine

Most weekends I spend a couple hours with a neighbor of mine who suffered a spinal injury about 8 years ago.  He’s been largely confined to his bed for much of that time, and in the last few years he’s only been out of his bedroom on 3 occasions.  Twice to go to the hospital, and once to see the Christmas tree in his living room (sounds like a Dickens tale, but it’s true).

This past weekend he and I were watching the Olympics together, and he commented about how beautiful the area seemed during the bicycle races.  He went on to amaze me about how much he had learned about otherwise obscure sports.  In general, he was in a better than usual mood, and at one point alluded to how the whole spectacle, with all its commentary, history lessons, and human interest stories, perhaps made him feel like he was able to venture outside his room and experience so much more than his normal four walls of off-white paint.

His comments made me pause, and think.  Then they made me thankful that the Olympic Spirit can inspire even those who can’t so much as roll over on their side without the help of their spouse. 

How wonderful it is that the most physically gifted can lift the spirits of the most physically challenged.

Thomas Lee


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