We all know the benefits that daily exercise may bring to our aging bodies.  The benefits are far from being simply physical in nature.


We’re working longer, we’re shuttling our children here and there… and sometimes we just find it too difficult to consider going to a gym or working out for 30-60 minutes.  Balancing the stress of our lives at work and at home usually ends with us letting the need to exercise drop off the day planner rather quickly.

Enter High Intensity Short Duration Training

Traditional thinking taught us that we need to exercise 30 minutes three times a week and that we need to elevate our heart rate to a certain target for that duration.  The researchers at the Human Performance Institute recently published an article about High Intensity Circuit Training .   The authors demonstrate how many of the benefits of a traditional workout can be achieved in 7 minutes — in any location, with your body weight as resistance.

7 minute workout
NY Times Magazine 5/12/13

The 7 Minute Workout

On May 9th the NY Times published the Scientific 7 Minute Workout … and for many of us there was an aha moment. “I can do this!”

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between “I can do this!”

I personally figured I would try it for a week before I posted anything on this blog about it.  Entering the later half of the century of life (yep, just turned 50) — and my children — was all the inspiration I needed.

Let me tell you… this is not as simple as it looks… and you will feel it afterwards :-)

For those with medical conditions or significant de-conditioning… please consult with your doctor before grabbing a chair and starting.

Also, for those who are interested there are many free Android and iPhone apps available to guide you.  Find one with voice prompts.


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