Doctors, Healthcare Professionals …             and Digital Media

I know you’re out there! I know many of you are ready to engage…. 

We’re going to build out this section with the tools necessary to give you tactical, meaningful, practical and actionable guidance that you can put to work immediately…  

First we’re building the Why….   with occassional posts related to How?   

I’ll get there… I’m only one person :-) !!!

#thcsm : Tactical Guidance for Healthcare pros !

 Great video from Mike Cadgoan  — who blogs at Life In The Fast Lane…  

Follow the video with a view of this post from Ves Dimov, MD… 

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Howard J. Luks, MD

Howard J. Luks, MD

A Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Hawthorne, NY. Dr. Howard Luks specializes in the treatment of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle. He has a very "social" patient centric approach and believes that the more you understand about your issue, the more informed your decisions will be. Ultimately your treatments and his recommendations will be based on proper communications, proper understanding, and shared decision-making principles – all geared to improve your quality of life.

6 comments on “Healthcare and Social Media: Ready to Join the Conversation?

  • I am really excited about seeing where this goes. Healthcare and Medicine are some of the most under served communities in social media. Open discussion and education will help tear down the social media barriers between medical professionals and their patients to the benefit of all.

    • Thanks Michael… many people feel that technology drives a wedge between a patient and their physician… I strongly feel that the opposite is true. Digital media and technology can help docs and patients restore the all important relationship we once had when physicians were spending 20-60 min per patient. Access, communications, education, monitoring, health assessments etc do not need to take place within the confines of the 4 walls of your office during an 8 min encounter…. we can do so much better.
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments.


  • Nice work Dr. Luks. I actively communicate with my PCP via secure messaging online. We discuss previous visits, lab tests, education, etc. It is interesting the time (and money) saved by exchanging information real-time instead of using the typical method of scheduling an appointment and talking for 8 minutes in clinic. I’m excited, and hopeful, that providers will begin using social media to improve the quality of information in the “cloud” that we exist in.

    • Thanks Matt… most providers don’t realize the benefits to their practice alone. It is therefore a stretch for them to realize the convenience and benefit to the patients… which obviously occur at so many levels.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Howard Luks
      Westchester County, NY

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