4 Simple IFTTT Recipes to Handle Your Content Needs

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The enormous amount of data coming at us on all fronts has far exceeded the cognitive capacity of most any normal person.  What to do?  Twitter and RSS readers are simply layering onto the significant amount of content we are already exposed to everyday.  I do not want to shy away from this potentially beneficial… Read More

4 Tips to Prepare You For an ACL Reconstruction

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Our approach to ACL Surgery has changed dramatically over the last few years.  We’ve changed how we perform ACL surgery,  how we rehabilitate your knee after ACL surgery, and we’ve learned a lot about the science of trying to prevent ACL tears.   The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament.  It is one of four… Read More

5 Facts You Must Know About Rotator Cuff Tears

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Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common reasons patients enter an Orthopedic Surgeons office.  There are many common misconceptions about rotator cuff tears and their management. The rotator cuff is made up of 4 muscles which control how well your shoulder works.  Click here to read more about the Rotator Cuff.    Rotator… Read More

Bone Marrow Edema in the Knee

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Bone Marrow Edema sounds scary.  Many people come in to the office with their MRI reports and worry that something is wrong with their bone marrow. Bone Marrow Edema is simply a condition where fluid is found within the bone.  That’s it.  It’s a very non-specific finding.    Like our muscles after a long run,… Read More

Twitter and Orthopedic Surgeons

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Twitter is quite simply an information powerhouse.  It is like drinking from a never ending fire hose of timely, relevant information and conversations germane to nearly any topic you can imagine… including Orthopedic Surgery. You’re having the same conversations you’re having with your professional colleagues at the scrub sink… only this scrub sink accommodates a… Read More

ACL and MCL Tears: Na Vorro Bowman

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Anyone who witnessed Na Vorro Bowman’s ACL and MCL injury live on TV was quivering for a while.  Many adults remember where we were when Joe Theisman too his hit and broke his tibia.  This injury looked brutal.  My immediate diagnosis was that Bowman had torn his ACL and his MCL.  Most Orthopedists would have… Read More

Golf, Death, Sharing and Caring

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As I sat next to him, and now in a voice confident and ringing with anticipation, Mr A explained in painstaking detail how he determined which approach shot to hit to the 2nd green on the Black Course at Bethpage State Park. Only 10 minutes earlier when Mr A and I first met he was… Read More

Another List .. and why they are (still) necessary

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Last week Marie Ennis-O’Connor posted a list of 100 healthcare thought leaders she felt were worth following. I appreciate Marie’s efforts and for including me in her list ! 100 Healthcare And Digital Health Influencers To Follow In 2014 from Marie Ennis O’Connor There were some vehement, and (IMO) unnecessarily rude comments to the curated… Read More

Shoulder Dislocation Surgery

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You fell.. and you dislocated your shoulder.  You went to the emergency room, your shoulder was put back into place, but now your shoulder has re-dislocated a number of times.  You have “recurrent shoulder instability” What’s next? What is Shoulder Instability? Shoulder instability is a situation where your shoulder remains unstable or continues to dislocate… Read More

Early ACL Reconstruction Strongly Recommended For Young Athletes

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ACL tears in children and adolescents can be a devastating injury.  For a worried parent, these study findings are sobering.  It is simply impossible to get a youngster to practice the restrictions we need to impose on you when you tear your ACL.   For that reason, many children and adolescents with ACL tears will go… Read More