Predicting Injury In Youth Sports

Sports related injuries in our children are increasing at an alarming rate.  Single sport specialization and over-training is rampant in youth sports.  An entire industry is being built around this concept.  Youth coaches, strength coaches, … continue reading

Don’t Delay Your Running Injury Prevention Plans

You need a plan to prevent running injuries.  Running injuries are going to happen.  Every runner is at risk of developing an injury.  We have discussed the most common running injuries previously. The most common … continue reading

Groin Pain In Athletes

Groin pain in athletes is becoming far more common. Single sports participation and relative over-training can put you at risk for developing groin pain. Until recently, most Sports Medicine professionals and their Athletic Trainer colleagues … continue reading

Partial Rotator Cuff Tears: Do I Need Surgery?

Many Orthopedic Surgeons believe that partial rotator cuff tears are a common cause of shoulder pain.  The issue is that partial rotator cuff tears are also prevalent in people without shoulder pain.  Therefore it can … continue reading