Why is My Knee Swollen?

A swollen knee can be caused by an injury, overuse, or an underlying disease. When your knee swells, it is due to fluid building up in or around the knee. It is sometimes referred to … continue reading

When Can I Exercise After ACL Surgery?

After you have recovered from the initial pain of your ACL surgery, you will start to wonder what activities are acceptable to perform after ACL surgery, and what activities you might need to avoid to … continue reading

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt At Night

Night pain is a very common complaint among shoulder pain sufferers.  By far the most common cause of night pain is the rotator cuff. Common rotator cuff problems that can cause night pain include: partial … continue reading

We Can Make a Difference …

Sue was an amazing nurse.  Despite 20 years of experience, she maintained a style and workflow that brought unsurpassed comfort to her patients.  Nearly every patient who was under her care during their hospital stay … continue reading