Elective Surgery Optimization: A Paradigm Shift

The cost of surgical complications is extraordinarily high.  We can look at this in two ways. The cost to the healthcare system and the cost to the patients.  Both pay dearly for surgical complications that … continue reading

Protein sources on a plant based diet

Whole food plant-based diets have helped many of our patients achieve health and weight goals that have eluded them for decades. None of those patients initially thought that the transition to a plant-based diet would … continue reading

You cannot unsee your MRI report

Can it be harmful to view your MRI report?  Clearly the answer is yes.  Maybe not for all of you… but certainly for a good number of you. I have seen many people significantly curtail … continue reading

How Does Tendon Neuroplastic Training Work?

Exercise or physical therapy has been the primary treatment for tendon related pain.  Tendinopathy in the most common cause of tendon pain.  Has physical therapy worked for your pain?  Perhaps it did, perhaps it didn’t.  … continue reading

Stronger Legs: 6 reasons why you should start squatting today

Larger muscles or muscle mass improves our chances of living longer, happier lives.  Muscle mass correlates with longevity.  Muscle mass correlates with improved recovery following injury or surgery.  Larger muscle mass improves our metabolic machinery … continue reading