Batter’s Shoulder : Posterior Labral Tears

A baseball batter’s shoulder is an injury unique to batting that causes a posterior labral tear in your non-dominant, leading  shoulder which faces the pitcher. What is a batter’s shoulder? Baseball batters generate a ton … continue reading

Do I need a knee replacement?

Do I need a knee replacement?  I don’t know .. do you think it’s time for a knee replacement? I can not tell you how often I have this discussion with people.  Let’s just put … continue reading

Should We MRI All Patients With Joint Pain?

You wake up one morning and your shoulder hurts. You’re not sure why and blame it on your sleeping position.  Or perhaps you bent down to pick something up and when you stand up your … continue reading

Why does the top of my shoulder hurt ?

Sorry to say, but most people will eventually suffer from shoulder pain. Whether your pain is due to an injury or you simply woke up with the pain many of you worry that you might … continue reading

Lateral Knee Pain Explained

Why does the outside of my knee hurt ? Lateral knee pain is pain on the outside of your knee. The location of your knee pain can give you a clue about what might be … continue reading

Burning Knee Pain

The knee joint is a common source of pain.  There are many ways that people use to describe the pain that they have.  Some have sharp pain, some dull, others feel piercing pain, but many … continue reading

Meniscus Transplant For Knee Pain after Meniscus Surgery

Meniscus transplant or replacement surgery is considered for patients with persistent knee pain, and swelling which occured after previous surgery to remove a torn meniscus.  The meniscus is very important to preserve cushioning within the … continue reading