Stronger Legs: 6 reasons why you should start squatting today

Larger muscles or muscle mass improves our chances of living longer, happier lives.  Muscle mass correlates with longevity.  Muscle mass correlates with improved recovery following injury or surgery.  Larger muscle mass improves our metabolic machinery … continue reading

Muscle Mass, Strength and Longevity

When optimizing our health and longevity, prioritizing muscle mass and muscle strength are critically important considerations.  Our muscle mass, and strength decline with age. The changes that occur to our muscles as we age can … continue reading

Boredom.. It’s not what you think

You might stop reading a book because it is boring.  That’s not what we’re talking about.   We encounter what we perceive as “boredom” less often because we are attached to our little digital friends.  We’re … continue reading