Do Statins Limit Response To Exercise?

Potentially limiting their appeal even further, it now appears that statins, meant to lower your cholesterol, may blunt your desire to exercise and significantly limit the way your body responds to exercise. Statins are one … continue reading

Can Running Prevent Arthritis ?

Running does not cause arthritis. This is actually not a new finding. Researchers have known for years that running will not cause arthritis. Runners, in general, have a much lower chance of developing osteoarthritis than … continue reading

Returning to work after rotator cuff surgery

Rotator cuff surgery involves a long recovery process.  Trust me… it is a lot longer than you think it will be. Depending on your occupation and the type of work you perform  the recovery from … continue reading

The Peroneal Nerve and Leg Pain

The peroneal nerve is a large nerve that starts from behind your knee and travels down the outer side of your leg.  The peroneal nerve sits close to a bone we call the fibula neck. … continue reading