Common Stress Fractures Of The Foot

Runners in particular are prone to developing stress fractures in the foot.  Stress fractures of the foot will also occur in other sports, but are more than likely due to training.  Stress fractures of the … continue reading

Why Does The Back Of The Knee Hurt?

Pain behind or in the back of the knee is relatively common. The pain behind your knee can be sharp and severe; or mild and dull.  In some of you, the pain in the back … continue reading

Should I Have A Partial Knee Replacement?

The pain due to severe osteoarthritis can be debilitating.  If you have had injections, physical therapy, tried a brace and your pain remains awful it is likely that your surgeon will offer you a knee … continue reading

Why Can’t I Straighten My Knee?

Simply put, if you are unable to straighten your knee after an injury, you may have a severe knee injury. Even mild injuries can result in loss of full motion and pain when trying to … continue reading

Recovery From An MCL Injury?

The medial collateral ligament or the MCL is a large ligament running along the inner side of the knee.  The MCL helps prevent the knee from caving inward.  MCL injuries can occur from being hit … continue reading