Often Times Doing Less Is Doing More

Most of my time as a surgeon is not spent in an operating room, or preparing for an operation. Most of my day is spent listening, teaching, examining,educating, and empathizing. As I’ve said for years … continue reading

Does ACL Surgery Prevent Arthritis?

ACL tears are far more common than in the past.  Up until recently our primary goal of ACL surgery was to stabilize your knee to prevent further damage.  It appears that we now have evidence … continue reading

Can A Meniscus Tear Heal?

Meniscus tears are a very common injury.  Since many people over 50 will have one and many more over 70 will have one it is normal to wonder if a meniscus tear can heal without … continue reading

AC Joint Arthritis Treatment Options

The AC Joint is a small joint on top of your shoulder.  It is formed where your collarbone meets your shoulder blade.  Many people have swelling or prominence on the top of their shoulder and … continue reading

Do I Need a Brace After ACL Surgery?

Bracing after ACL surgery has been recommended for many reasons. But there is no evidence to support routine bracing after ACL surgery.  Some propose that it improves proprioception.  Some believe that a brace is protective.  The … continue reading

Video Series: Which ACL Graft To Choose?

Choosing the right ACL graft for you is important.  There are many tissues or grafts available to use to reconstruct or rebuild your ACL from.   ACL surgery is commonplace today.  One of the choices you … continue reading