Hip Flexor Injuries and Prevention Strategies

Hip flexor (rectus femoris)  injuries occur more frequently in running, sprinting and kicking sports. Soccer players in particular are prone to hip flexor injuries.   Chronic hip flexor, rectus femoris, and groin pain can also … continue reading

What Is Medial Joint Space Narrowing?

Medial joint space narrowing is a common term many of you will see in your x-ray and MRI reports.   Medial joint space narrowing is a long-winded way of saying you have arthritis on the … continue reading

Growing Cartilage To Treat Arthritic Joints

Osteoarthritis of the knee and hip affects millions of people across the globe.  Osteoarthritis is the number cause of disability.  The medical community has not be able to change the biological process and stop the … continue reading