Did I Tear My ACL? 

Most ACL injuries occur after a non-contact twisting injury.   ACL tears can also occur after being struck on the side of your leg.  Most athletes will pivot or twist, run and feel a pop … continue reading

Meniscus Tears In Golfers

Meniscus tears or injuries are very common.  Because of the significant amount of turning and pivoting with golf, the meniscus is under a lot of stress.  Golfing can cause meniscus tears, but they are not … continue reading

Bakers Cyst Of The Knee

A Bakers cyst is a fluid filled sac that can form in the back of your knee.  When the cyst is large, it will cause a bulge in the back of your knee.  If the … continue reading

Pectoral Tendon Tears: A Treatment Guide

The pectoral tendon attaches the pec major muscle to your humerus or arm bone.  The pec major is a very powerful muscle. Pectoral tendons are usually ruptured or torn in weight lifters during bench pressing.  … continue reading

Bucket Handle Meniscus Tear

A bucket handle meniscus tear is a unique type of meniscus tear.  Bucket handle meniscus tears are more common in younger athletes.   They can occur in older adult athletes too, but most bucket handle … continue reading